Is the number of links in your supply chain on the rise? Are your suppliers scattered across the globe? Do they speak different languages, apply different quality criteria, and enter their data into all different systems? Then you may be facing the growing challenges of seamless quality assurance for your production chain.

You don’t need to be particularly well versed in the Bible to know the story of the Tower of Babel – a project that fell apart when god created language confusion and the workers could no longer communicate. The real problem in Babel, however, was not that several languages were being spoken at once – but that there were no translators.

How does your organization handle it?

The range of production decreases and the complexity of the supply chain increases. To ensure that this doesn’t end in a chaos of languages, our product partners, led by New Solutions and QDA Solutions, have developed a software solution for quality assurance in the supply chain. It doesn’t require your suppliers to rely on your system or ours, because it translates their languages, data, and criteria in your and our systems. It is a solution that functions in isolation, on a mobile device, and offline, whether you’re in an offshore wind farm or a Brazilian jungle, wherever quality control is required.

True to our motto, we want to shape the future of production with you and we won’t simply provide you with a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, we want to train our little Babel fish to best serve your individual needs. And that’s why we want to hear from you: Could your organization use a solution like this? What specific challenges would it have to master for your supply chain?

For feedback, questions, and information, please contact QDA Director Sven Tetzlaff at or Christian Ehrenschwendtner from New Solutions at We look forward to hearing from you!