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Get your warehouse management in perfect flow

Increasingly customer-specific requirements for industrially manufactured products down to batch size “1” also call for a new approach to warehouse management. Extensive warehousing and paper-based recording and processing in the warehouse are no longer compatible with these developments. A state-of-the-art WMS solution for digital, integrated warehouse management is required to establish high-performance logistics.

The digitalization of all processes in the warehouse

  • increases efficiency,
  • lowers costs,
  • and increases the overall data security in the warehouse and in production.

Even if the procedures and processes in the warehouse are both complicated and complex, modern WMS in particular can noticeably increase daily output and throughput without overburdening employees.

A warehouse management system (WMS) offers various advantages as a central control unit in your warehouses and production facilities.

Advantages of WMS software

Minimization of warehousing and associated costs while maintaining high production throughput

Automation in the picking of goods and products and thus faster sales

Consistent transparency of all business-critical data from the warehouse to production and the management system

Our Germanedge solution for warehouse management

The Belgian company Objective, part of the Germanedge Group, offers a comprehensive software solution for warehouse management: the Objective WMS. The economic benefits of introducing Objective WMS can be felt and measured in less than 18 months. Objective’s many years of practical experience in various industries have been incorporated into the warehouse management software, thus guaranteeing that the corresponding quantity of materials, raw materials, and preliminary products is always available for the current production quantity. Consequently, insufficient or excessive quantities of the required production resources will no longer have a negative impact on the production or logistics process.

All technical information about our WMS solution in this factsheet.

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Our ROI guarantee for your warehouse management


Time savings for data entry


Error reduction


Increase in goods volume with 27% fewer person-hours


Productivity increase


Average reduction of “work in progress” waiting times


Reduction in warehousing


Increase in delivery reliability

With Objective’s WMS, all products, materials, their origin and destination are precisely visible and traceable in the system, even in the case of a recall. By scanning the barcode and using other methods like e.g. RFID, all data is recorded and processed in the WMS.

Agile adjustments to warehouse processes

Furthermore, the storage and delivery of the produced goods to the customer is also optimized by the WMS. This leads to optimal alignment, control, and efficient warehouse management and not only prevents unnecessary costs, but also contributes to customer satisfaction.

In all these processes, the warehouse employee is central, as in the spirit of the “Connected Worker“. The WMS solution provides the workers with all necessary warehouse management data in real time, so that they are always able to act. This way every worker knows exactly when they have to perform which task. Especially in case of unforeseen changes in the production and logistics process, software-supported task management in warehouse management is of central importance in order to be able to make agile adjustments.

You can achieve all these advantages with Objective WMS. The mentioned optimization values are based on tried and tested installations.

Integrated WMS and MES solution

The warehouse management solution “Objective WMS” also enables the creation of comprehensive status reports and warehouse analyses to take production and logistics planning to a new level. This allows you to see at a glance and decide whether, for example:

  • the current workload is affordable,
  • employees or resources should be reallocated due to the current situation,
  • or deliveries have to be reprioritized.

Likewise, binding and efficient quality checks of preliminary, intermediate, and end products can also be carried out in the WMS in order to have continuous quality control in addition to production before dispatch to the end customer.

The warehouse management software demonstrates its strengths particularly well in connection with an MES, as not only is the warehouse data perfectly managed, but the overall data flow up to production is also ensured. Optimized integration with Objective MES and other industry-leading solutions is guaranteed.

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