Software for checklist management for production facilities

Digital checklists reduce costs and increase process reliability

Top athletes, concert pianists, you? The highest degree of freedom can only be achieved by those who are confident in their processes, and this of course also applies to production in particular. Compliance guidelines are strict, and not only in the hazardous goods sector or the food industry, and documentation requirements are excessive. The next audit is sure to be just around the corner – usually unannounced – and the penalties are severe.

Today, neither checklists on clipboards with paper and pencil nor Excel sheets that you have created yourself are sufficient to meet these requirements. Both are too error-prone and have no potential for automation. Launch your production processes into the digital future with dynamic forms and interactive checklists.

Checklists as part of shop floor management

In shop floor management, the focus is on eliminating disruptions in production and sustainably improving processes. Active shop floor management leads to continuous improvement in all parts of a manufacturing company. Checklists take on a central role when it comes to data collection and quality assurance.

A fully digitalized checklist management system using software optimizes…

  • …shift operation processes,
  • …ensures simple, reliable and secure data collection on the shop floor,
  • …and supports automated processing for inspections, quality controls and audits.

Germanedge offers sophisticated software for digital checklists from the product provider New Solutions – suitable for every manufacturing company. By using this digital solution, the following added value will result for your work on the shop floor:

All technical information about Checklist Software from Germanedge in the factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for checklist management

Simple operation, central data storage, and digital signatures

Checkware on demand: stationary and mobile as an app – device-independent use, even with external service providers

Pre-set dynamic checklists ensure safety, e.g. for hazardous goods

Multilingual, international, cross-industry, and for all company sizes in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-industries, in the energy industry, in trade and logistics, and much more

Forms in HTML5 format for easy integration into your communication and web environment

Digital checklists improve production quality

With the interactive, digital checklist solution, automatic task management is possible for all employees. As a result, dynamic checklists can not only be created but also assigned to a wide variety of operational processes – and can also be distributed to individual employees, groups, or hierarchy levels. All forms can also be managed and edited offline. This way everyone knows what is to be done on the shop floor, as well as when and how.

Checklists can also be created individually with the software. With the browser-based checklist designer, you can not only generate checklists for processes, but also present them in your company’s design – this can be done easily via interfaces to your company’s IT infrastructure and on all mobile devices using responsive designs. In addition, all instructions can be presented in a clear and transparent manner uniformly throughout the company with the help of freely configurable templates and can be executed one after the other.

This creates process reliability and trust, since every step is documented and prepared for the upcoming inspection or audit. During quality controls, emergencies or the handling of dangerous goods, you can use checklist software to ensure that all steps are carried out properly, that workflows are adhered to, and that errors are avoided. An additional level of security for damage documentation is provided by the possibility of taking photos and inserting them directly into the form.

Automatic signatures, audit-proof storage, high data security

Our software for checklist management for production facilities naturally eliminates illegible handwriting with pen and paper as well as tedious and error-prone transfer of data into your IT environment – and does so easily from all touchscreen devices. You also have many simple tools at your disposal:

  • The data is checked for plausibility upon entry.
  • Recurring formulations or legal requirements can be uniformly presented in templates.
  • Tasks and individual steps can be set so that users can never again forget or skip steps.
  • Continuous saving, including in stages, of the results secures all entries, thus providing an audit-proof process with high data security.
  • Reports in all common formats round off the offer.

Digital checklists improve processes and reduce costs

The Checkware solution from Germanedge’s product provider New Solutions has been in use in many plants in Germany and abroad for a long time. In one chemical company, the total productive maintenance process for 2,200 systems is controlled with the help of checklist software. Depending on the size of the system, the potential savings can amount to several hundred thousand euros. Would you also like to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing your process reliability?

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