Optimize your QM work processes in the production laboratory

Our LIMS software for continuous improvement of product quality

In terms of quality management in production, laboratories and the product-related tests integrated into them are an integral part of quality assurance today. But times in the production laboratory are getting tougher. Constantly changing standards and statutory product-related regulations as well as high competitive pressure are forcing laboratory managers to change the way they think.

In the past, it may have been sufficient to make individual inspection lots traceable, but the demands on modern laboratory management are becoming increasingly complex and difficult. Safe work processes and optimized use of your resources in the laboratory are therefore essential to guarantee comprehensive quality management in the laboratory.

LIMS software optimizes quality processes in the production laboratory

This is where “laboratory information and management systems” come into play. LIMS software optimizes workflows in the production laboratory, automates tests in accordance with specified standards, and supports the work of laboratory personnel with test and work instructions right through to the creation of certificates and reports.

The Germanedge product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated laboratory software as part of its quality management. With our software, it is possible to record all the processes and data of the laboratory centrally and display them locally. In order to meet the high demands of laboratories involved in production, our software solution offers tools for standard mapping, sample management, documentation and evaluation of test results as well as test certificates, resource management for the laboratory and key figures generated from this information.

All technical information about our LIMS quality solution in this factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for laboratory quality management

Reduction of costs through optimization and automation of your laboratory processes

Wide range of integration options for your laboratory technology

Management of human, financial, and equipment resources

Integration with MES, ERP, and your quality management systems

Sample management

Support of release, acceptance, and validation processes

Quick overview of costs, reliable use of your laboratory environment

Test specifications are complex and can change quickly. To help you keep track of things, our QM laboratory software offers the presentation of these specifications in master test specifications. Thus, a possible change of the master leads to a change of all connected tests and thus considerably simplifies the maintenance effort. This integrated approach to the central management of data and regulations runs through our complete product range and gives you the necessary confidence in the preparation and management of your data that you need when dealing with daily tasks.

This also includes the transparent processing of your results and costs. In automatically generated reports of the LIMS solution, not only are your laboratory results documented, but the associated costs are also listed. This listing of all relevant costs ensures efficient costing.

Centralized collection, decentralized distribution, holistic approach

With our LIMS QM laboratory software, data is collected centrally and the results are distributed decentrally to all company stakeholders. Manual input and maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum, which leads to secure handling of your data and saves a considerable amount of time. This supports the optimized use of expensive laboratory equipment and improves the its utilization. In addition, you can use our laboratory software to manage master data and test or production orders via a standard interface to ERP systems. This rounds off our holistic approach and ensures a continuous quality process for your production and associated laboratories.

Our LIMS solution is DIN ISO 9001:2015, IEC 17025, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and supports your highest quality management standards. If you would like to further qualify your laboratory processes, please contact us and we will be happy to offer you even more advantages. That’s a promise!

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