Laboratory management software: Your key to more production output

The digital lab management triangle: LIMS + lab planning + integration into production planning


Laboratories are an integral part of the modern value chain. As labs are often organized decentrally, they are thus not well integrated into overall corporate processes and solutions. Moreover, labs are often not much automated when it comes to the collection of measurement data. Accordingly, lab resources could not be utilized to full capacity. This bottleneck can either under-utilise or over-utilise laboratories, which in turn, may affect the efficiency of the entire organisation negatively.

Germanedge laboratory management software synchronizes lab and production planning and fully integrate labs into the ERP and MES environment. This allows short- to long-term detailed planning and scheduling of future workloads in quality control and production laboratories as well as quality inspections.


Advantages of our Lab Management Software


ROI after 12-18 months

Rapid return on investment through cost savings and increased efficiency


Production increase of up to 5%

The planning of laboratories as a bottleneck factor in production sustainably optimizes the entire value creation process in the company

Up to 30% faster throughput times in the laboratory

More efficient through effective utilization of lab resources, twice as fast data capture and automated certificate generation


Improved data quality and integrity

Increase data quality through automated certificate and report generation

Certified bidirectional SAP interface

Integration into the infrastructure of the leading ERP system enables uncomplicated reading and updating of relevant master data for the QM area


Resource efficiency and reduced workload

Efficient (training-specific) assignment of personnel to inspection lots and equipment, as well as optimal utilization of laboratory workstations

Functions of our laboratory management software:



Functionalities of a Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS):

The basis of our lab management software is the basic and advanced functionalities of our Laboratory Information and Management System (LIMS). These include integrated workflow management, seamless status management, reliable sample management, process automation and integrated test equipment management.

Long-, medium- and short-term planning of laboratory capacities


To efficiently reduce laboratory overloads, individual or multiple test lots can be rescheduled simultaneously in an uncomplicated manner. Simulative test lots can also be created for early detection and elimination of capacity bottlenecks. A transfer to the common synchronized database from laboratory and production planning is possible at any time.


Integration in horizontal and vertical planning levels without system breaks

Multi Level Monitoring

Central data storage makes it possible to integrate capacities, material flows or personnel requirements of laboratory planning into all relevant planning runs of production

Multi Level Monitoring

Planning horizon of laboratory planning analogous to that of production planning


This procedure allows precise capacity forecasting and early identification of capacity bottlenecks in the laboratories. On the basis of real-time data processing, it is possible to react flexibly to changing business events and to carry out agile short-term planning of the laboratories.


Who benefits from our lab management software?


Advantages for lab managers


As a lab manager, you have the responsibility to ensure the efficiency and productivity of your lab. With GermanEdge Lab Management, you have the ability to seamlessly optimize operations, optimally allocate resources and avoid bottlenecks. By integrating production and lab planning, you have a comprehensive overview of utilization and can make informed decisions to improve lab performance.


Advantages for quality managers


Quality is of utmost importance, especially in a laboratory environment. Our tool enables you to comply with quality standards and regulations effortlessly. By automating processes and accurately tracking samples and data, you can ensure that your quality goals are met. Real-time test results and comprehensive data integrity facilitate compliance with standards and provide you with the visibility you need.


Advantages for lab technicians and lab staff


For technicians and lab staff, GermanEdge Lab Management software provides an intuitive platform to work more efficiently. Clear assignment of tasks and access to real-time information simplify workflow. By automating tasks such as data entry and report generation, you can focus on more challenging tasks and improve the quality of results.


Advantages for production managers


Smooth collaboration between production and the lab is essential. As a production manager, GermanEdge Lab Management helps you identify bottlenecks early and ensure efficient resource planning. Integration with production planning systems ensures that changes in production have an impact on lab activities. This enables you to achieve better coordination and greater efficiency.


Multiple options for integrating our Lab Management software

Our lab management software is designed as an application of our PaaS platform Edge.One. The modern framework acts as a central digital hub for all Germanedge and third-party applications. The goal: nothing less than the Digital Factory.

Multiple ways to integrate our lab management software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):

Seamless integration with your ERP system to reconcile order and invoice data, monitor inventory levels, and facilitate accounting and budget management.

Direct SAP integration:

Our certified interface allows you to read and update SAP data. This ensures high-performance integration with your SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA.

Lab Instruments:

Direct integration with a wide range of laboratory instruments to automatically transfer measurement data to LIMS. This minimizes manual intervention and significantly reduces the potential for errors.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Our integration helps you manage customer information, sample requests, and contract details, especially in commercial or contract labs.

Database systems:

By integrating database systems, you organize information about customers, samples, test results, and other relevant data more efficiently.

Technology of our laboratory management software

Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Storage and management of laboratory information and samples.

Web-based architecture

Our system allows access via web browsers and simplifies implementation and management.

Barcodes and RFID technology

Identify samples and eliminate manual data entry errors.

Automation technology

Integration of laboratory instruments for automatic data acquisition and transmission.

Cloud computing

Scalable and flexible infrastructure for smooth collaboration across multiple sites.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

These technologies enable advanced data analysis, pattern recognition, and prediction of lab results.

Mobile technologies

Access LIMS via mobile devices and collect data on-site.

Integrated analytics tools

These tools support data analysis, reporting, and trend detection.

Security and privacy technologies

Protect sensitive lab information and comply with privacy regulations.

Interfaces and integration technologies

Seamless integration with other systems in the lab.

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