MES Software - Increase the efficiency of your production by 5%

Manufacturing Execution System

Module circle of MES-Software

Manufacturing and production generate vast amounts of data that need to be collected and processed. A large number of orders quickly pile up in production and it is hardly possible to control these orders using paper slips. This approach creates inflexibility and is too slow in the rapidly growing dynamics of production in the context of digitalization.

With our Germanedge Manufacturing Execution System (MES), all resources and systems in production are intelligently networked. In addition to the SAP orders immediately integrated in the MES, you can use the software to plan the availability of your machines, resources and employees, which makes a decisive contribution to increasing your productivity. Our Germanedge MES software detects and rectifies faults immediately. The software can also be used to react quickly to new situations and production requirements. The MES software from Germanedge is a future-proof, cloud-based solution that creates a high degree of transparency through real-time data collection and thus sustainably increases efficiency in production.

Module circle of MES-Software

Advantages of our Manufacturing Execution System

ROI after 13-19 months:

Rapid amortization of the investment through cost savings and increased efficiency

Increase in output by at least 3%:

By using the Germanedge MES software, you increase the total number of units in your production by at least 3%

Efficiency increase of at least 5%:

The ability to react more quickly to process deviations through the use of our MES software increases machine availability and improves plant availability by avoiding unproductive times.


Early detection of deviations in the process:

By recording energy consumption in production, leaks can be detected and avoided at an early stage.


Provision of information in real time:

By recording and visualizing information in real time, throughput times are reduced, downtimes are reduced through usage-oriented, preventive maintenance and faults are avoided.

Latest architecture technology:

As a cloud-agnostic solution, our MES software is available as SaaS, on premise or as a hybrid concept, just as all important information is available for mobile use.


Flexible and interactive analysis:

With individual dashboards and drill-down functions, you receive all the important information about your production in a clear overview.

Reduction of costs:

By using the Human Machine Interface in our MES software, you reduce the costs for hardware and operations, as it runs in the web browser and you do not need an additional computer to use it.

Functions of our MES software


Production management

Production management of MES-Software

Our MES software makes it easy to manage a wide range of production orders. Production orders are displayed on the machine’s order terminal with status and quantity feedback. Production orders can also be assigned to workstations.

Production management of MES-Software

Production monitoring and control / monitoring of all machine data and messages

Production monitoring and control of MES-Software

Germanedge’s MES software enables you to monitor and control your production process in real time. By automatically collecting and processing data from machines and sensors at store floor level, production performance can be tracked and decisions can be made quickly.

In the event of machine downtime, production is automatically informed so that an immediate response can be made. Based on the monitoring of your production, an overview of all relevant key figures can be provided and the OEE evaluated. This provides a transparent production overview and can be visualized graphically.

Production monitoring and control of MES-Software


Traceability of MES-Software

The MES software enables seamless tracking of your products and components – throughout the entire manufacturing process. This is particularly important in industries with strict compliance requirements, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries. Components are seamlessly recorded and tracked during production and all events and production parameters are logged for each component.

Traceability of MES-Software

Total Productive Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance of MES-Software

With Total Productive Maintenance, you can easily plan your production thanks to recurring machine maintenance. Maintenance triggering is controlled by time intervals and operating values, and the listed maintenance steps can be easily documented. You also have access to all the necessary maintenance documents and instructions.

Total Productive Maintenance of MES-Software

Central Production Control / SCADA

Central Production Control / SCADA of MES-Software

Central Production Control allows you to monitor all machine data and messages. Alarm management is also part of the software: you receive an automatic alarm in the event of machine downtime. This allows you to react quickly to changes in the production process.

Central Production Control / SCADA of MES-Software

Machine and production data acquisition (MDA/PDA)

Machine and production data acquisition (MDA/PDA) of MES-Software

Our module for machine and operating data acquisition enables a rapid response to faults with the help of regular online monitoring of real machine states without manual effort. Monitoring of tolerance and intervention limits provides automated alerting.

Machine and production data acquisition (MDA/PDA) of MES-Software

Human Machine Interface

Human Machine Interface of MES-Software

In our Manufacturing Execution System, you can visualize the Human Machine Interface in the browser, giving you a flexible view of all machine data. Thanks to our cloud-supported designer, you can easily configure the visualization screens and manage them centrally on the HMI terminal.

Human Machine Interface of MES-Software

Shopfloor Management

Shopfloor Management of MES-Software

The store floor management of our MES software allows you to hold digital store floor meetings. Furthermore, all steps in production are displayed transparently through action tracking and data from the production level is automatically integrated.

Shopfloor Management of MES-Software

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Who benefits from our Manufacturing Execution System?

Advantages for production/plant managers


As a production or plant manager, you are responsible for ensuring that production in the company runs smoothly. With our Germanedge MES software, you can ensure that the relevant key figures in production improve significantly and thus increase the output of your production.


Advantages for production planners


Thanks to the transparency, you as a production planner can rely on the fulfillment of the production program. Should unexpected events occur, our MES software allows you to maintain an overview and take the right corrective action.


Advantages for maintenance managers


The full functionality of machines is irreplaceable in effective production. With our MES software, you as a maintenance manager can identify problems in production and derive measures to increase transparency with regard to machine availability and performance.


Advantages for production line managers


If store floor management in production is carried out using paper-based paperwork, this means a lot of effort as well as cumbersome recording and no possibility of evaluating the data quickly and reliably. Our MES software enables you as a production line manager to measure production data so that measures can be designed sustainably and efficiency and transparency in production can be increased.


Wide range of options for integrating our MES software

Our MES software is designed as an application of our PaaS platform Edge.One. The modern framework acts as a central digital hub for all Germanedge and third-party applications. The goal: nothing less than the Digital Factory.

Our MES software allows the following integrations

Automatic transfer and validation of machine and production data:

Using a specialized MDX (Machine Data Exchange) solution to connect all PLCs at production level.

Direct SAP integration for reading and updating SAP data:

Relevant production orders with updates are exchanged via SAP integration. Maintenance orders are also assigned in SAP based on shift events.

  • Certified SAP interface for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA
  • High-performance bidirectional SAP interface

Database systems:

Integration in database systems (Oracle, Postgresql, MSSQL) to store and retrieve production data.

Shift calendar:

Production calendar with planned shifts and events, for generating switching commands and evaluations.

Technology of our MES software

Designed for thousands of data sources in production:

Simple, fast and standardized connection to thousands of machine control systems

Control of all systems:

Delay-free, bidirectional exchange from and to the production level

Digital empowerment of the entire workforce:

Web-based, random access to all relevant information without hurdles

Mobile availability at all times:

Our MES software can be used on all mobile devices at any time

The latest cloud technologies:

For a scalable and flexible infrastructure and easier collaboration between different locations

Modern UI/UX design:

Flexible presentation of information without major training effort

Scalable container platform:

Low total cost of ownership through the use of our MES software

Integrated analytics tools:

These tools support data analysis, reporting, and trend detection.

Security and privacy technologies:

Protect sensitive lab information and comply with privacy regulations.

Interfaces and integration technologies:

Seamless integration with other systems in the lab.

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