SPC software for your production

Statistical process control as the key to optimized production processes

Do you want to make trial and error a thing of the past? Would you rather run your production and quality processes using systematic identification of optimization possibilities? Then you should implement an SPC (statistical process control) solution in your company.

Germanedge’s product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated software for statistical process control. Quality control is therefore possible over the entire production life cycle by taking different measurement parameters as a basis. Individual upper and lower limits and action limits can be set for each measured value. By prioritizing and configuring the measurement parameters individually, our solution enables the highest degree of individuality: decide for yourself how often you want to measure which part and how you evaluate and weight your characteristics.

Throughout the entire measurement value recording process, the quality of the measured value can be read off immediately on the basis of setpoint-oriented and tolerance-oriented quality control charts or on the basis of process capability values.

All technical information about Germanedge's SPC software in the factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for statistical process control

Immediate optimization of production and service processes for fast ROI

Control station function and individual reports for a quick overview and in-depth insights

Integration of various databases from MS SQL to ORACLE possible

Numerous interfaces for data acquisition

Easy compliance with legal requirements for different industries

SPC software with trouble shooting guide

The built-in management tools of the SPC solution from QDA SOLUTIONS offer you additional functions such as the TSG (trouble shooting guide) in addition to the documentation of incidents in case of process interventions. The trouble shooting guide brings the user from the problem to the cause and from there to the appropriate action. This is rounded off by additional comments and automated notifications. The basis for this statistical process control is, of course, the generation of clean data that can be used to analyze individual processes.

Ensures full traceability through process and production data

The added value of the solution for statistical process control means not only an analysis of possible sources of error, but also a complete change in the corporate culture: with the SPC software for production inspection, you get a tool that allows you to draw conclusions about well-running processes and necessary optimizations – and thus provides better process reliability. Flexible, differently condensed reports, evaluations, and rapid alert systems allow for comprehensive as well as short-term findings.

The use of these tools leads to

  • higher quality end products,
  • more satisfied customers,
  • lower costs due to less scrap and less reworking
  • and higher profits.


The SPC solution supports both product and process data acquisition and can be connected to the common internal and external interfaces for direct as well as wireless data acquisition.

Quality improvement for every branch of industry

Using the SPC solution from QDA SOLUTIONS, a large number of legal requirements from various industries such as the fields of medical devices, automotive, pharmaceuticals, or foodstuffs can be met.

Our audit trail function ensures compliance with standards, especially in the medical industry. Lot, batch, or identity-oriented information can be documented and traced with the solution. Electronic signatures, the dual control principle, and other security measures such as special, administrable user contacts meet the requirements of FDA21CFR Part 11.

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