Seamless tracking of your products for a comprehensive quality management process

Our traceability solution makes targeted recalls possible

When was the last time you questioned your quality management process? With an enormous number of parts being produced every day, negative quality inspections are of course inevitable. But how often does this realization come late – perhaps even too late – when the first customer complaints are already rolling in? Our quality management software provides you with an optimal traceability solution and enables you to get involved in the quality management process from the very first step.

Proactive traceability methods for even better quality

Efficient traceability is essential for optimal quality management. And not only because it effectively protects customers from having too many complaints and compliance guidelines must be observed.

Continuous quality control brings together a wide variety of data from planning inputs, the factory floor, and the machines and stores them together with clear traceability data such as batches, barcodes, or lots. This not only reduces the number and cost of recalls, but also takes quality to a new level by combining quality data with traceability information.

Germanedge’s product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated software for traceability management.

Our Germanedge traceability solution

Integration into the quality management system

Documentation tool for product liability and comprehensive reporting

Reduction of the number and costs of recalls

Integration into ERP, PLM, or MES systems

Product status and history visible centrally and in real time

Control center functions and a clear reporting system

Traceability as a basis for strategic decisions

The traceability and lifecycle management solution from QDA SOLUTIONS generates reliable KPIs from a wide range of information: with its simple and intuitive operation and its numerous reporting functions, the traceability tool lays the foundation for your strategic decisions.

This solution supplements your ERP systems with additional content and feedback from the quality assurance systems. The quality assurance system

  • functions as an information center,
  • enables fast and targeted tracing and finding of critical batch data,
  • enables targeted handling of recalls,
  • and increases customer satisfaction.

Documentation tool for product liability

As you know, it’s not only the quality requirements of the market that are becoming ever tougher. Compliance guidelines also require efficient traceability management. Every company must be able to provide comprehensible information about its products. This applies right from the first step in the preliminary product: every detail and every step must be analyzed, checked, and documented in order to provide legally compliant information about the quality of each part at any time during the production process.

Our traceability software reduces complaints and recalls by capturing faulty production processes in real time for all machines, parts, stations, shifts, and users involved before a faulty product is delivered.

Avoid expensive recalls!

Don’t want to leave your product quality to chance? Quick recalls are essential for the reputation of your company. Ideally, it shouldn’t even come to that. Achieve greater security and simplified processes for efficient and legally compliant traceability management with our traceability software.

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