Employee scheduling software: Modern shift management


Regardless of the industry, there are many pitfalls in production that make proper operations difficult. Unclearly documented shift events. Inefficient and error-prone paper checklists. In addition, cumbersome and erroneous shift management and personnel planning still in Excel.

Through our 20 years of industry experience, we have developed a solution to all of these problems: Our shift management software combines staff scheduling, documentation of shift events and checklists in one solution.


Advantages of our shift scheduling software

We put all shift information where it belongs: in one place. No more 20 Excel lists, no more different tools and no more 1000 printed documents. In short: We turn shift documentation, tasks, instructions, forms and shift planning into a holistic shift planning software. The requirements for such a system: simple, transparent, efficient and secure. All in one central shift scheduling software.

Rapid ROI

Acquisition costs for the rostering software paid for themselves in less than a year


More efficiency

Increase in overall efficiency by 0.1 – 0.5% depending on the production workload

Huge time savings

Save at least five minutes per workstation per shift


More safety

Save 0.1-1% of annual turnover in costs through avoided errors and damage

Lower costs

Save approximately 3000-5000€/year per cost center/line


Comprehensive compliance

Increase compliance rate by up to 30% through more transparency in processes

Fewer incorrect entries

70% fewer entry errors due to plausibility checks

What is shift management?

With the goal of bringing the Digital Factory to life, modern employee scheduling software goes far beyond the functions of shift planning. In the context of shift management, it is no longer just the administrative aspects of classic planning that are covered, but also strategic corporate goals that are brought into focus: greater efficiency and added value while simultaneously reducing costs. Our many years of experience show that the use of shift planningsoftware can save up to one percent of the product turnover in costs!

With a holistic shift planning software, a single point of truth of all shift information is created accordingly. On this, decisions can be made more efficiently and faster.


Who benefits from our shift management software?

Since our eomployee scheduling software solution combines tactical and operational aspects of shift management in one solution, many stakeholders at planning, production and store floor level can benefit from its implementation.

Benefits for shift supervisors

  • Transparently documented shift events
  • Facilitated communication between shifts
  • Automatic transfer of open events to the following shift

Benefits for production managers

  • Simple shift planning thanks to integrated personnel scheduling
  • Direct display of conflicts
  • Guarantee of minimum staffing levels
  • More efficient planning, more satisfied employees & optimized production

Benefits for production planners

  • Prevention of production downtimes thanks to scheduling of employee qualifications and absences
  • Fast initiation of countermeasures in case of events such as machine downtimes
  • Real-time monitoring of production orders across shifts

Benefits for production employees

  • Always the latest version of work specifications and inspections
  • Exclusion of irrelevant information
  • Minimization of errors & improvement of efficiency
  • Focus on actual work possible

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  • …sicherzustellen, dass der richtige Mitarbeiter an der richtigen Maschine sitzt und die richtigen Zertifikate hat und berechtigt ist die Aufgabe durchzuführen?



Visit GermanedgeNOW - our Industrial Application Store

Would you like to test the digital shift book immediately and get to know the various functions? Then GermanedgeNOW offers you the opportunity to test it now, free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.

This will bring order to the document chaos and shorten your “time-to-business-impact” and thus immediately increase your “return on investment” (ROI), as you can use the software right now.

Features of our shift scheduling software

Management of shift and personnel schedules


An error-prone and cumbersome shift management based on Excel is replaced by a simple, stable and secure system. Shifts, staff assignments, working hours and absences due to illness or vacation can be planned quickly and easily; conflicts and understaffing can be displayed and avoided directly – no matter which shift model you run.


Overview of all shift events


The structured recording of information enables automatic transfer of open events to the following shift as well as the evaluation of events in reports. Communication between shifts improves noticeably. All employees are always up to date.


Digital documents


Digital checklists are always up to date and show only the information relevant to the task at hand. Plausibility checks, approval processes and mandatory fields minimize errors and increase workflow efficiency. Employees can focus on their core tasks instead of dealing with illegible and outdated paper checklists.


Centralized storage of all shift information

Centralized storage of all shift information

From staff attendance and rosters, to key events, open and completed tasks, shift-relevant safety instructions and process documentation (such as maintenance schedules), you can find all relevant information in one place.

If you want to play around with our digital shift book software yourself, sign up now for a Try & Buy version.

Centralized storage of all shift information

Link to production planning


absence requests and qualification management are seamlessly integrated into the production planning process. This avoids costly misplanning. Personnel-related bottlenecks in production can thus be avoided in the first place.


Linking with the quality department


a direct connection with the LIMS enables end-to-end shift-related sample management. This also brings laboratories closer to production in administrative terms.


Holistic equipment and plant management


checklists enable mobile and bidirectional documentation of maintenance measures (e.g. with SAP PM).


Integration of shift planning software

Our employee scheduling software is designed as an application of our PaaS platform Edge.One. The modern framework acts as a central digital hub for all Germanedge and third-party applications. The goal: nothing less than the Digital Factory.

Our shift planning software is very easy to implement:

  • Installation on a web server in the company or via an external data center (in the cloud) as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).
  • A software based on Microsoft web technologies with a modular and extensible application core
  • Modern web application for use in standard browsers (also with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets)
  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server


Shift management step-by-step integration at your site:

  1. contact us
  2. we show you the solution via live demo
  3. we discuss the requirements and the technical integration with you
  4. we support you during the integration and onboarding process


Book your demo appointment now or gain first experience with our software with Try & Buy.


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Christoph Schiffer
Sales Team Germanedge

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