Measurement data management ensures high data quality in your production facility

Perfect quality management thanks to fully automated data acquisition process

How much more could you get out of your high-quality production facilities if you had the right software? A 360 degree view of your measurement data is necessary for this – make it happen with the tool from QDA SOLUTIONS for a complete integration of your results into your quality management process!

Measurement data management brings your production into perfect flow

To ensure that your production runs even more smoothly, the measurement data management solution takes over the automated analysis of processes and products – always with the aim of optimizing the utilization of expensive devices for the acquisition of measurement data and carrying out a large number of tests in your production line. Of course, this is only one part: the measurement results obtained are extensively evaluated and delivered in reports, analyses, and visualizations according to the individual needs of your company – and all this in just one solution!

Germanedge’s product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated software for measurement data management.

All technical information about our Measurement Data Management solution in this factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for measurement data management

Simplified reporting system: comprehensive reports and continuous process control

Central data management, archiving, and uniform evaluations

Optimal integration via standard interfaces into your machinery

Better decisions thanks to secure data availability

Perfect quality management thanks to fully automated data acquisition process

Drastic reduction in rework and scrap

Central database and high data quality

In a fully automated data acquisition process, measurement data is stored in a central database and can be used from there by the various employees with a sophisticated rights management system. Sensitive master data is processed in such a way that the accuracy of all data imported into the system can be guaranteed. This optimizes and continuously stabilizes the data quality.

Visualization and process control

Our solution for optimal measurement data management manages the measurement results and master data of any measuring devices and measuring machines completely automatically and makes them available in a central database application. The QDA solution thus provides you with continuous, comprehensive process control. All report templates and their different display of results are also directly connected to the database.

Our credo for this is: quality through clarity, visualization is everything! We therefore offer different degrees of reporting depth: all reports offer few, but suitable evaluations to give you the perfect overview of the entire company on a single page. This gives the decision makers in your company all the information they need to make fast and reliable decisions.

Higher profits thanks to Germanedge measurement data management software

If you rely on machines such as those from Cats, DEA, DMIS, Edixia, ELISA, HOLOS, Inca3D, Leica, Leitz/Quindos, LK, LMI, Metrologic, Mora, Perceptron, qs-STAT, QS-Torque, Stiefelmayer, Calypso, Zeiss UMESS, Wenzel/Metromec, Zett-Mess, XML, or Prelude and are looking for a solution for high-quality measurement data management, then get in touch with us and we will show you how you can generate more profit with optimized quality.

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Ludmila Lebedev
Sales Team Germanedge

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