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Supplier management software improves your product quality and increases customer satisfaction

In today’s global world of production, long supply chains and the integration of different suppliers are a key factor in ensuring that production is as cost-effective and optimized as possible. For this reason, companies are becoming more and more dependent on their suppliers, while at the same time many authorities are tightening the regulations for production-related quality assurance. Legislators are increasing the pressure with regard to product quality before market launch, thus necessitating quality regulations that extend deep into the supply chain.

Existing continuous process improvement solutions need to be replaced or updated in order to meet the requirements of ISO/TS 16949, FDA, GMP, and other quality standards. To meet all these requirements, efficient supplier management is required.

Focus on the supplier relationship

In order to achieve optimum added value and offer high-quality end products, the supplier must be involved from the outset. Supplier management software lets you take control and include your suppliers in your quality standards. These help you to become a responsive and compliant partner. Utilizing a supplier management system of this kind, you can comply with all necessary quality standards and simultaneously ensure that your product quality is continuously improved. As a result, you will have fewer customer complaints and be able to avoid costly recalls due to defective parts from your suppliers.

Germanedge’s product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated supplier management software.

All technical information about our Supplier Management solution in this factsheet.

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Our Germanedge supplier management solution

Supplier evaluation

Optimization of supplier management

Support in supplier selection and supplier evaluation

Lifecycle management of supplier contracts

Supplier review and reporting

Certified according to ISO/TS 16949, FDA, GMP, and other standards

Leave nothing to chance

It goes without saying that you should also leave nothing to chance when it comes to managing your supplier relationships. And we can help you manage your supply chains even more easily. When it comes to supplier management or handling complaints, the supplier management solution from QDA SOLUTIONS helps you to comply with all standards, processes, and norms and creates transparency over your supply chain and thus your product, on which business customers and consumers are placing ever higher demands in terms of quality, sustainability, and compliance. Especially where the liability limits are particularly high, you will have reliable digital support for all your quality processes in relation to suppliers.

Supplier audits daily and in real time

Developing relationships with selected suppliers in a way that is comprehensible to both parties and continually optimizing them is time-consuming, detailed work: it means providing guidelines and standards for the procurement of services and products – not a simple process in international supply chains. Every manufacturer is responsible for the quality of its products and services – and suppliers need guidelines in order to ensure this quality. Our solutions provide you with a complete supplier management system:

  • old and new suppliers can be entered,
  • all services documented,
  • contracts recorded as well as evaluated and adjusted at the right time with reference to terms.

Combine your non-conformance and supplier management

Our supplier management solution also analyzes the connection between complaints and supplier problems. A single complaint may concern several products and defects. Through integration in the QDA SOLUTIONS non-conformance management solution, you can incorporate a comprehensive range of factors and costs from investigation, CIP, cause analysis, tracking data, documentation, and complaints into the evaluation of suppliers and their specifications.

Quality or delivery deficits can be precisely documented and supplier quality can thus be tracked precisely at any time (supplier evaluation). This not only allows simplified processes for complaints, but also the integration of deliveries and goods into your ERP system. As a result, with us you will make the best possible decision when selecting your suppliers.

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Ludmila Lebedev
Sales Team Germanedge

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