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Supply chain management software for holistic planning

Never lose track of your supply chain again – added value can only be created by those who have their material flows under control. Good strategic planning is the foundation for this. The modular ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench solution for supply chain management clearly displays your processes along the supply chain in a unique user interface within the EdgeOne platform and fits perfectly into your production planning via our Unified Production Workplace. This also eliminates the often still separate planning levels of supply chain management and harmonizes them with each other – at any time and in real time.

Supply chain management with ERP connection

Supply chain management (SCM) software solutions create transparency over the requirements, capacities, and inventories of manufacturing companies. This enables sophisticated analysis of scenarios involving several companies along the supply chain, which can be used as a basis for optimal comprehensive planning. As a rule, a piece of supply chain management software, also known as an advanced planning and scheduling application (APS), is an integrated production solution with an ERP link, such as SAP ERP or S/4HANA. This results in cross-system data communication and thus a consistent database, ensuring that transparent and realistic supply chain planning is possible across all levels and organizational units. Production, including the entire supply chain, can be controlled and planned much more efficiently, and as a result, warehouse inventories can be reduced and adherence to delivery dates significantly increased.

Germanedge offers sophisticated supply chain management software for the product provider ORSOFT. By using this digital solution, the following added value will result for your work along the entire supply chain:

Our Germanedge solution for supply chain management

Detect overloads and underloads on the test field before they occur

Real-time synchronization of plans possible using S/4HANA cloud integration

Optimum overview of all inspection lots supports economic operation

Uncomplicated introduction of the supply chain management solution

Certified integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Uniform data model without data conversion

Reliable and accurate results with short processing times

Holistic planning of production, maintenance, and quality control

Attractive price model

Capacity planning with real scheduling possible

Demand forecasts

Advanced statistics and machine learning

Strategic supply chain (SCM) simulations

Supply chain management with strategic capacity planning

At the heart of our supply chain management software is strategic capacity planning – an important basis for successfully responding to fluctuating demand in uncertain times. With our digital planning tools, you have the possibility to check your models and assumptions for various parameters: For example, what additional resources do I need if capacity overloads occur during planning? How do I have to change my available capacity if I have to block existing resources?

Simulation for optimized added value

By simulating the adaptation of existing formulas, e.g. by adding additional resources as alternative production versions, ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench can be used to simulate the existing resources along the entire supply chain in a clear manner and as a basis for optimized value creation.

Supply chain management with SAP integration for strategic material simulation

The supply chain management solution also allows strategic material simulation to simulate additional articles and material hierarchies. Unlike other solutions, planning in the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench is not based on an extra data model or an offline copy of the data, but rather on the production logistics model of SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA.

The capacity check is not based on rough projections of volume-time requirements, but on scheduling, taking all important factors into account. In addition, the planning of a wide variety of plants enables the management of international logistics chains, as well as the simulation and evaluation of production relocations based on defined key figures. Germanedge’s comprehensive supply chain management software is your personal aide for all decisions concerning your supply chain.

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