Fully integrated complaint management software - the Driving force of the CIP

How to use your customers’ feedback and eliminate cost-intensive defect focal points!

Is your complaint management system well positioned? Do you know the current status of each case? Can you see the costs incurred in real time? And most importantly, does your organization learn from complaints?

To answer yes to each of these questions, you need a fully integrated software system that enables you to control, monitor and evaluate your non-conformance management (NCM) in all its forms. Along the entire value chain.

With NCM Engine, we offer such software, which is part of our CAQ suite QDA. Purely process-related, the system provides all participants with the appropriate information, interfaces and workflows. Even multi-stage rejection cases can be solved reliably and, above all, economically. In addition, NCM Engine uses each new complaint to generate ideas for the continuous improvement process (CIP) and thus reduce the risk of cost-intensive repeat errors.

Advantages of our complaint management software



Gain process reliability

NCM Engine contains all necessary templates and workflows to implement common reclamation methods like 8D, 4D or 5 Whys in conformity with standards. You can map customer-specific requirements using a measure manager that can be used without programming knowledge.


Increase process transparency

The progress of ongoing complaint processes can be seen in real time. With integrated escalation management, you can ensure that all subtasks are completed in full and on time.


Halve throughput times

Compared to non-integrated complaint management, you reduce the processing time per process by 50-60%. The main reason is the consistency of information exchange along the entire value chain.

Extend cost view

NCM Engine determines the process costs of each complaint process. Partial costs can be broken down to individual cost units. In addition, the software shows the quality costs incurred in engineering, production, procurement and delivery in order to a) solve the current complaint case and b) eliminate repeat defects.

Clarify process and product risks

In addition to the current process handling, the complaint management software serves as a knowledge base to identify defect focal points and the associated consequential defect costs. The monetary view helps you determine the level of commercial risks.

CIP Dashboard

Based on the cost analysis, you can prioritize the problem focal points and derive suitable CIP projects. Planning and monitoring of these measures is also done in the NCM Engine.


Increase the degree of automation

Thanks to its open software architecture, our complaint management software can be integrated into your business IT without media breaks. The bidirectional data exchange allows you to automate large parts of the complaint management and the associated value creation processes.

Device-independent operation

NCM Engine works platform-neutral. This means that you can connect exactly those end devices that your colleagues are already using anyway.

User-friendly interfaces

Multi-level complaints in particular address a large number of different users. With flexibly configurable user interfaces, you ensure that users can complete their tasks with a minimum of input.

App implementation in out-of-the-box mode

You can go live with a basic version of our standard software within a few days. Particularly in SaaS operation, there are a wide range of options for performing rollouts remotely and scaling the reach of your solution quickly.

Functions of our complaint management software



Structured complaint registration

NCM Engine allows the cost-minimized creation of new complaint processes. Already existing information is automatically assigned.


Standard-compliant workflow management

Use our workflow engine to handle complaints quickly and in a customer-friendly manner.

Intuitive user interfaces

Many reclamation cases require the cooperation of different value-added areas. With the no-code editor, you can design GUIs that fit exactly.

Lean supplier portal

You integrate your suppliers into the complaints management system via a web platform.

Comprehensive reporting

NCM Engine allows the evaluation of all processes. You can see the progress and costs of your complaint management in real time.

Start with a minimum of manual entries!

Our Complaint Management Software offers flexible options to capture discrepancies quickly and without errors. Since the NCM Engine synchronizes with your ERP, PDM and MES systems, the associated commercial and technical documents are linked to the complaint processes fully automatically. Manual effort is only required when recording customer specifics.

In essence, our software only needs the delivery note number, the complained delivery item and a description of the error to create the complaint process fully automatically and start the integrated workflow management.

Base your approach on proven processes!

The scope of delivery of our software includes a workflow engine with which you can control and reliably monitor the tasks of your complaint management across all departments. The workflow solution offers you various templates to operationalize NCM processes in a standard-compliant manner (e.g. according to 8D).

In addition, a no-code editor is available, which you can use to build your own workflows. For example, in the case of multi-stage complaints that require a more case-specific procedure.



Increase the acceptance of your complaint management!

Since most process participants have only partial tasks to complete, lean workflow solutions that can be operated ad hoc are in demand.

It is almost always sufficient to send colleagues a text message to the end device of their choice. The message contains a brief description of the task at hand and a deep link that takes the user to the part of the workflow that concerns them. Just like in an app, a personalized user interface opens where one can complete the current pending ToDo with minimal effort.

Many of the tasks resulting from the NCM workflow are executed in third-party systems. Inventory checks in the ERP system, for example. Thanks to the integration with your business IT, our complaint management software can track the status and outcome of such follow-up actions in an automated way.

Increase the reach of your non-conformance management!

In addition to customer complaints and internal deviations, NCM Engine also supports the handling of supplier complaints. For this purpose, we offer you a secure supplier portal where suppliers can handle their tasks remotely. This way, you integrate suppliers into the complaint management without having to implement the software a second time.

Gain a 360-degree view of all complaint processes!

The complaint management software brings together all the information generated in the complaint handling process in a central knowledge repository. On this basis, the progress of ongoing NCM processes can be determined in real time. An integrated escalation management system makes possible missed deadlines immediately visible and automatically initiates appropriate follow-up measures.

The evaluation of transaction processing can be carried out in compliance with standards. In this way, you can check at any time whether the NCM specifications agreed with the customer (e.g. in terms of the 8D methodology) are being met in full.

You can create further reports and analyses on your own. For example, PPM analyses and cost investigations. Since complaint management is an integral part of our CAQ-suite QDA, you have direct access to our Report Designer. Just like the Workflow Editor, the Report Designer can be used without any programming knowledge. New analysis templates can be created by drag & drop. In this way, you relieve your IT department and arrive at reporting solutions that best meet your current information needs.

Integration of complaint management software



NCM Engine can be used on premise or as a SaaS solution and synchronizes with your complete business IT

Our NCM software can be run on premise on your servers or as a SasS solution in the private, hybrid or public cloud. If you are looking for the highest level of availability, scalability and data security, we recommend using one of the technologically leading cloud hyperscalers, such as Amazon, Azure, Google or Ionos. Regular backups performed by our software on-site at your company provide additional security.

Thanks to its Kubernetes architecture, our complaint management solution works platform-independently. In the scope of delivery, you will find a variety of intelligent algorithms with which you can connect your existing value creation systems in a fully automated manner. This applies to the area of measurement and control technology as well as to your business software, especially in the areas of CAD, PDM and MES as well as ERP, CRM and SCM.

In SaaS operation, you keep the IT-related infrastructure and personnel costs of complaint management to a minimum. Savings grow with each site that accesses the application. What’s more: NCM Engine supports standard-compliant assignment of access rights. If users, roles and authorizations have already been created in other IT systems, this information can be transferred automatically.

What is complaint management?


Complaint management organizes, controls and monitors the handling of customer and supplier complaints as well as internal deviations. Complaint management, also called non-conformance management (NCM), is part of quality management. Its measures and the knowledge gained in the process support the continuous improvement process (CIP).

What tasks does complaints management software perform?

The immediate goal is to eliminate product and process defects in a standard-compliant manner with a minimum of quality costs. If defective products have already been delivered, they must be recalled and the customers affected must be compensated in accordance with the contractual agreements. Another core task is to effectively eliminate repeat defects and the associated follow-up costs.

What should complaint management software be able to do?

In principle, complaints can affect any process in the value chain. Against this background, it is important that the complaint management system can be synchronized with the existing business IT in a fully automated manner. This involves bidirectional data exchange with existing CAD, PDM, MES and SPC as well as ERP, CRM and SCM solutions.

In addition, it should be possible to provide easy-to-use user interfaces on an ad hoc basis in order to quickly integrate the currently used colleagues into the constantly changing NCM processes. No-code editors provide process owners with the necessary tools. The same applies to the creation of reports and evaluations. Here, too, no-code editors help end users to come up with their own solutions even without programming knowledge.

Who benefits from using complaint management software?

Fully integrated NCM solutions provide the knowledge and workflows to process complaints reliably and quickly. All participants in the value chain benefit from this. In particular, these are:

A) Customers of the user company

– faster feedback from the supplier
– greater transparency in ongoing processes
– faster arrival of replacement deliveries / compensation services
– increasing confidence that the supplier learns from his mistakes
– higher satisfaction with the supplier and his services

B) Management

– Cost perspective on individual processes and complaints management as a whole
– fewer deviations and complaints
– fewer rejects, rework, recalls, replacement deliveries, etc.
– thus lower quality costs
– lower process costs in the complaint system

C) Quality manager

– all advantages from B)
– greater leverage for the continuous improvement process
– greater degree of freedom in setting up new workflows and processes
– greater independence from the IT organization

D) employees in value creation

– relief from manual data entry
– less distraction from their own work thanks to in-process workflows
– Intuitive user interfaces

E) IT organization

– freedom of choice in hosting
– comprehensive integration options
– Extensive automation options
– Higher degree of utilization of existing IT assets
– higher investment security
– fewer support requests from users (e.g. in reporting)

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