Make every complaint an innovative leap

Non-conformance management as an essential part of the QM production process

Complaints are frustrating, delay processes, and cost money. But behind every complaint there is also an opportunity to improve the entire production process and quality management – and ultimately to increase customer satisfaction. This process is based on the fact that each complaint represents an opportunity to get to know the customer better and thus to further improve internal processes in the production environment. After all, only those who really understand how a product is used and where there are still weaknesses will achieve true quality. Ongoing, secure non-conformance management for internal, external, and supplier complaints is a very valuable process.

Digital non-conformance management provides transparency

A software-based solution for non-conformance management helps you process your complaints faster with automated workflows as well as draw in-depth lessons from them. Ideally, this kind of software has an integrated structure and stores the corresponding complaints for each production part with all quality-relevant data and evaluates these over the entire product history. The resulting analyses enable

  • a better understanding of the causes of complaints,
  • simple and careful documentation of possible damages and customer comments,
  • conclusions for optimization.

This transparency results in a comprehensive non-conformance management process. It should also be understood as a learning process that helps to meet the quality requirements and standards demands in an increasingly competitive production environment.

An integral part of quality management

Non-conformance management software is able to draw on successful measures, solution processes, or past user errors through comprehensive documentation. On this basis, it is possible to derive even more effective processes for your non-conformance management and numerous processes can be automated. For example, repetitions can be recognized and automated workflows can be created for individual product groups.

In all these non-conformance management processes, it is also possible to draw on very diverse sources in the areas of production and quality management. For example, laboratory test data, data from incoming goods inspections, and the integration of data from supplier management can be integrated. This allows processes to be defined for the various cases and automatic measures to be triggered. Non-conformance management is thus an integral part of the entire QM production environment.

Germanedge’s product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated non-conformance management software. Using this digital solution offers the following advantages for your quality management with regard to complaints of any kind:

All technical information about Germanedge's non-conformance management software in the factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for non-conformance management

Fast, automated workflows

Profitable handling of complaints

Comprehensive reporting system for individual evaluations

Customized 8D reports

Excellent integration with your ERP environment and MES systems

Comprehensive options for defining individual user groups for escalation processes

Use complaints to make improvements

We believe that every complaint is an opportunity for innovative leaps forward. A truly outstanding product starts with listening and understanding the needs of the customer. In order to have all information available in everyday business and in a complaint situation, our non-conformance management solution relies on simple reports with individualized templates and comprehensive 8D reporting.

This business intelligence tool enables you to develop individual solutions with customers, to engage in real customer communication, and to maintain a constant overview of the effectiveness of measures and the entire history of communication.

With the help of parameters and stored evaluations, individualized problem solving is also simplified, as it can fall back on solutions that have already been tried and tested. This means that our non-conformance management software not only becomes a tool that supports and simplifies the process of complaint handling, but also serves as a basis for the continuous optimization process with its diverse analyses and reporting options. Our non-conformance management solution consequently helps you to profitably exploit the potential hidden behind your complaints.

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