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Discover our demand planning software: your solution for efficient planning

Germanedge’s demand planning software is concerned with forecasting future sales and turnover figures. Using machine learning techniques, the demand for a product observed in the past is extrapolated into the future and adjusted and optimized using additional information.

The demand planning system enables a collaborative process – i.e. mapping and synchronization with sales planning (price planning), sales planning and rolling demand planning.

Demand Planning enables you to incorporate one-off and seasonal effects, special market influences and trends, the product life cycle (new product launches, product discontinuations) and price changes as well as competitor activities into the final demand plan.

Advantages of our demand planning software


Quick setup of data models

With Demand Planning, you can quickly set up master data based on all standard ERP systems on the market. Our certified SAP technology makes it possible to obtain this partially or completely from SAP sources.

Linking budget planning, sales planning & strategic planning

Our demand planning software realizes collaborative work of all involved business units in one application. Planning can be carried out at different forecast levels in different time frames.


High forecasting accuracy at all planning levels (horizontal and vertical)

Our demand planning software allows you to create manual and automatic forecasts such as demand determination, demand planning and customer forecasts. The software can also be used to forecast new products, product mergers or replacements.


Automated processes

Using exception-based warnings, you can use the demand planning system to define the sequence for automated batch runs.

Deep, direct integration with capacity planning

With our demand planning software, you can transfer the unrestricted demand plan to supply planning, which serves as input for the next planning cycle.

Functions of our demand planning system

Clear requirements management made easy

Our customizable planning cockpit offers you everything at a glance for effective requirements planning.


Precise demand forecasts with innovative lifecycle management

Our demand planning tool uses advanced like-modeling techniques to draw on historical data.

Optimal needs analysis for customized planning

The advanced software enables the flexible combination and breakdown of requirements according to individual needs.

Effective planning control with intelligent alerts

The Demand Planning Tool recognizes planning deviations so that adjustments can be made quickly.

Configurable requirements planning cockpit

The demand planning software has a dashboard with overviews of manually or automatically calculated sales/turnover plan figures, sales histories, current customer orders and versioned planning statuses. This gives you a comprehensive overview of all important key figures for demand planning.

Demand forecasts through product lifecycle planning


Like modeling allows you as the user of the software to specify how the predecessor and successor products are related. This allows you to include the use of historical data for new planning objects, e.g. a predecessor product whose demand behavior is the same or similar, in order to analyze the lifecycle of a product more precisely. This also enables reliable sales forecasts to be made for new products.


Recording and hierarchy of requirements

Thanks to the software’s comprehensive recording of requirements, it is possible to aggregate and disaggregate requirements according to specific structures, e.g. sales, regional or customer structures.

Alert mechanisms for the preparation of planning data


The Demand Planning System has alerts and automatic forecasting and distribution functions that enable efficient and fast processing of sales planning, for example in the event of planning deviations from the previous month or planning below the level of incoming customer orders.


Integration of the demand planning software

Step-by-step instructions for integrating the Demand Planning software into your system:

  • Contact us
  • We show you the solution in a live demo
  • We discuss the requirements and technical integration with you
  • We support you with integration and onboarding

Book your demo appointment now.

Our demand planning software can be integrated in various ways – you have a free choice of installation and use:

  • On Premise

We install the demand planning software in your IT environment.

  • Cloud

For user companies that want maximum scalability, availability and data security, we recommend the use of technology-leading cloud hyperscalers such as Amazon, Azure, Google or the German provider Ionos.

What is demand planning?


Demand planning refers to predicting the future demand for products or services. Historical data, market trends and other relevant information are taken into account in order to create accurate forecasts.

Why is demand planning relevant for your company?

Demand planning in production is crucial for your company, as it enables you to make your operations more efficient and make optimum use of resources. The information from the sales forecast can be used to optimize your stock levels, reduce delivery times and increase customer satisfaction. The sales forecast can also be used to plan important investment projects at an early stage.

What factors influence the quality of demand planning?

The quality of demand planning is influenced by various factors. These include the availability and quality of data, the accuracy of historical data, the consideration of market trends and seasonal fluctuations as well as the effectiveness of the planning tools and methods used.

What is the difference to supply planning?

In contrast to Demand Planning, which focuses on forecasting demand, Supply Planning refers to planning and managing the procurement and provision of resources to meet demand requirements. While Demand Planning focuses on customer demand, Supply Planning focuses on the internal organization of the supply chain and ensuring that sufficient resources are available to meet demand

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