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Supply chain management software for holistic planning

Hardly any other area of the production process requires as much planning and detailed precision as supply chain management. Production companies that disregard the supply chain in their digital production strategy not only quickly lose track of what is going on, but also miss out on a lot of potential for optimisation. Digital supply chain management enables a 360° view of all processes on which the events in the production hall depend. Our modular solution “ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench” for Digital Supply Chain Management clearly displays your processes along the supply chain in a unique user interface within the EdgeOne platform and enables optimised supply planning. Silo-like data management, separate planning levels and incomplete analyses are a thing of the past!

Supply Planning: SCM with ERP connection

Digital supply chain management creates transparency about the requirements, capacities and inventories of manufacturing companies. This enables a complex consideration of scenarios involving several companies along the supply chain. The automated planning approach offers all the advantages of a digital software solution in line with Industry 4.0: digital, resource-saving, integrated and less prone to errors. The integrated software solution enables cross-system data communication and thus a consistent database, which ensures that transparent and realistic supply chain planning is possible across all levels and organisational units.

Germanedge offers sophisticated supply chain management software for the product provider ORSOFT.

All technical information on Germanedge's EWB supply chain management software in the factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for supply chain management

Detect overloads and underloads on the test field before they occur

Real-time synchronization of plans possible using S/4HANA cloud integration

Optimum overview of all inspection lots supports economic operation

Uncomplicated introduction of the supply chain management solution

Certified integration with SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Uniform data model without data conversion

Reliable and accurate results with short processing times

Holistic planning of production, maintenance, and quality control

Attractive price model

Capacity planning with real scheduling possible

Demand forecasts

Advanced statistics and machine learning

Strategic supply chain (SCM) simulations

Supply chain management with SAP integration

Unlike other solutions, our solution does not base planning on an extra data model or on an offline copy of the data. “ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench” is based on the production logistics model of SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. The capacity check is not based on coarse volume-time requirements, but on a scheduling basis, taking into account arrangements, shifts and other restrictions. Interactive, simulation-based planning processes replace the previous batch-oriented processes for sales, network, rough-cut and detailed planning.

Demand planning to improve your forecast accuracy

The sales planning within our software solution allows more precise statements about future sales developments. The tool supports users by means of a comprehensive statistical forecast model from past data in order to generate the highest added value for the future.

Strategic simulation and capacity planning

By simulating new machines, investments can be checked in the long term, taking advantage of the current production plan. In addition, the capacity check of the sales figures is carried out on a rolling basis with real scheduling instead of linear volume-time-requirement formulae: optionally as infinite or capacitive planning or as scheduling by the minute. In addition, planning can also be carried out against inventory ranges of coverage.

Inventory Optimization: Machine Learning-based inventory planning

An increasingly important aspect of production is stock optimisation. The Inventory Optimization as EdgeOne-App of the ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench helps to balance conflicts between a high service level for customer orders and lowest possible storage costs. Based on machine learning, this app calculates production-relevant master data at regular intervals and thus enables an optimised production flow.

The ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench in-memory solution supports SOP planning, requirements planning, inventory optimisation, strategic material and capacity simulations and reliable capacity balancing. With this comprehensive software solution for Digital Supply Chain Management, Germanedge is your partner for all planning processes and decisions concerning your supply chain.

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