OEE improvement through total productive maintenance

With our TPM solution you can optimize maintenance and service costs

The path to a smart factory and IIoT inevitably involves information networking of all components of the entire production and maintenance process as well as optimized overall plant efficiency. It is therefore essential to have OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) in view and under control both in the production processes of today and those of tomorrow. This makes it possible to avoid defects, accidents, and sudden quality losses in the production cycle.

For this purpose, maintenance tasks must be identified on the basis of machine and personnel messages and passed on to production planning accordingly. A comprehensive TPM (total productive maintenance) concept is necessary for the optimal coordination of different maintenance activities in a timely manner.

Simple cost reduction through improved maintenance planning

Maintenance is the number 1 cost driver in plants. A TPM approach and solution is therefore clearly required to plan repairs and maintenance better in order not to create capacity bottlenecks. To achieve this, a continuous flow of information must be maintained with the help of big data and the digitalization of your machines.

Information about the condition and capacity utilization of the machines allows better planning of maintenance windows. On average, TPM-based measures result in a reduction of several maintenance cycles. As a result, you can save as much as 30 percent on maintenance costs.

Better maintenance planning thanks to TPM software

TPM software can be used to

  • keep downtimes to a minimum,
  • demonstrably reduce costs,
  • and make production significantly more efficient.

Total productive maintenance can be measured with OEE. This makes maintenance not only predictable, but a success factor for the entire production process.

All technical information about our TPM solution in this factsheet.

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The role of data and AI

Cost savings are not the only focus of TPM: in the future, collected data will enable algorithms to calculate the best possible maintenance cycles. An effective MES system forms the basis for designing these processes for a self-learning system and further developing them with other partners.

The Germanedge product provider GEFASOFT offers sophisticated software for the total productive maintenance management of any manufacturing company. Using this digital TPM solution results in the following added value for your work on the shop floor:

Our Germanedge solution for total productive maintenance

Transparency over maintenance and analysis options for downtimes

Tracking information from the MES

Efficient use of resources in the creation and planning of maintenance orders

Automatic generation of maintenance orders from time, value, or failure-based maintenance plans

Support for predictive maintenance

Detection of insufficient and excessive maintenance by evaluating the activities carried out and their reasons

Visual representations and mobile devices

KPI calculation and integration of other systems such as SAP

Support for CIP

TPM facilitates preventive maintenance

Our TPM solution allows easy visualization of the most important indicators and influencing factors for the results as well as analyses and reports based on the corresponding TPM criteria. In order to optimize your added value with our software, we offer KPIs in different dimensions as well as support to evaluate them properly. The MES is the central interface for this.

The integrated workflow management for maintenance ensures that the production process is improved in the long term – in line with the CIP. This enables use-oriented, preventive maintenance and unscheduled system downtimes to be easily avoided.

With our software for total productive maintenance, you will not only optimize OEE and reduce production costs in the long term; Germanedge’s TPM solution also provides the benefits of continuous quality improvement and extensive autonomous maintenance.

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