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Below is a case study from our customer Fiberline Composites.

About Fiberline Composites

Fiberline Composites, headquartered in Denmark, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of composite materials for carbon fiber turbine blades and wind turbine structures for the wind power industry.
Fiberline’s FRP profiles differ from other traditional construction materials such as concrete, steel and wood and offer several unique advantages.

Challenges at Fiberline

The challenges and problems Fiberline faced were primarily the increasing demands of customers for quality documentation and the requirements for Six Sigma capability. The rapid growth of the company also increased the need for an integrated solution to meet the high requirements and ensure the quality of its own products.

In addition, the different systems used for quality in a combination of Excel, Access, legacy systems and ERP system without any integration made for a very labor-intensive search for solutions. This increased the risk of errors.

To overcome these challenges and turn problems into strengths, an external consultant was hired to evaluate the quality system. During this time, Quality Domain prevailed over the competition and has been in use at Fiberline ever since. The decision to use Quality Domain was based on recommendations. Both the internal quality engineers and one of the most important customers from the wind power industry advocated the selection of Quality Domain. Fiberline was looking for a flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective solution, which they found with us.

The way to a solution

But we support Fiberline? The Quality Domain was involved at a very early stage and supported the creation of the RFP in various workshops. We were also involved in the implementation of the system to support Fiberline’s workflows and meet the requirements of customers and external inspectors.

Fiberline uses SPC software, incoming goods inspection, measurement data management software and Quality Domain ERP integration with Axapta, among others. The implementation began with a definition workshop to determine the processes, naming convention and alignment to ensure that the system not only replicated the existing processes but was also designed for global expansion.

After an initial workshop and basic training, the Quality Domain solution supported a pilot implementation of a specific part that mapped the entire process. This was used as a model/template for further implementation.

After the go-live of the initial project, regular brainstorming sessions and solution meetings were held to ensure that Fiberline was implementing the expected optimizations and fine-tuning the process.

After the system had been in place for four years, a re-evaluation was carried out to adapt the solution to the current situation. It was found that the original implementation was very production-oriented, so Fiberline decided to use additional modules for incoming inspection in the future.


The solution meets expectations and additional functions are added as a natural extension for the suppliers. The change from a standalone system to an integrated system saves a lot of time in daily work. In addition, the product certificate creation process has been changed from a manual to a fully automated process. The interface to Axapta is via file transfer with CSV files. Integration with devices takes place via DFQ files.

Paperless production, optimization of the quality process and simplification of daily work are just some of the benefits Fiberline now enjoys.


“Working with the Quqlity Domain solution has been very good, and the experience of the Domain team has helped Fiberline grow. Having just purchased Quality Domain for our next installations as well, we can say that we are very happy with our decision,” says Kim Birk Larsen from Fiberline.

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Ludmila Lebedev
Sales Team Germanedge

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