Managing notices and conditions

Protecting people and the environment

Notices, conditions, planning documents and official correspondence are not an end in themselves. They serve to protect people, companies and the environment. Operating permits for machines, systems and entire plants must be obtained and kept up to date. Environmental regulations, safety requirements and sustainability agreements must also be documented and managed. This often involves regular inspections.

Now there is easy-to-use software to help you with this. As a system for managing documents and regulatory processes, Synoset Notifications and Requirements Management integrates seamlessly into the operational process.

Managing notices and requirements – the burden of responsibility

Every company receives official notices with conditions. The requirements are binding and often have legal consequences. It becomes particularly complicated when dangerous goods are processed, produced or used. Industrial plants often have to comply with several thousand regulations. But normal production facilities and service companies are also subject to safety requirements to protect people and the environment. But how do you monitor compliance with several thousand requirements? For plant managers, the burden of this responsibility is enormous.

Completion in the company

Control the management of notices and conditions as part of the operational process. Synoset’s Notification and Compliance Management supports operational staff in organizing, managing and tracking regulatory notifications and requirements. This allows managers and administration to focus on checking compliance with requirements and the legal conformity of the company.

Simple procedure

  1. An authority issues a notice for a new or existing installation and sends it by post, for example.
  2. The company receives the notification, documents the notification, stores it in the system as a PDF and derives the requirements from it.
  3. The conditions are processed with the help of checklists and reported back.
  4. A responsible person/auditor can clearly display the open/completed requirements in the system and call up details.

Simple entry of notifications with file attachments

Notifications are usually sent by post as official documents. To provide an overview of all notices, the scanned documents are stored digitally and enriched with metadata. This means that notices can be found quickly at any time.

Convenient linking of notifications and conditions

Notices often contain one or more conditions. These conditions describe a permission, a prohibition or a requirement. Depending on the type of condition, different steps must be taken. In all cases, a responsible person is required to ensure that the conditions are implemented in the company. Deadlines and automatic escalation via emails guarantee prompt processing and avoid penalties.

Professional management of individual conditions

Conditions with can be provided with metadata as required, e.g. text of the condition, condition type, recurring or one-off obligations, condition number in the notice, assignment to objects, comments, etc.

  • Recording of recurring obligations
  • Proof of the progress and processing status of each condition
  • Forwarding of checklists to the person responsible

Approval processes based on the dual control principle ensure that all necessary information is available. This is also possible in several stages for complex requirements. Implementation proposals can be submitted and approved by several people or departments. The resulting measures are implemented, documented and checked for effectiveness. If the measure does not have the expected effect, the process must be started from the beginning and the requirement re-evaluated. In this way, all information is available to those involved in real time, can be processed collaboratively and process reliability is guaranteed throughout.

Once all measures and conditions of a notification have been completed, the notification is automatically set to fulfilled and the responsible persons are informed. This saves time and ensures transparency.

Processing conditions with checklists via cell phone or tablet

Conditions and recurring duties can be transferred to responsible employees for processing via checklists.

  • Processing via “app”, also offline.
  • Responsible person sends implementation proposals
  • Implementation proposals can be confirmed, rejected or forwarded
  • Proof of implementation can be attached directly to the checklist

All notices are quickly accessible with search functions

Example with 66 operated plants: 1475 notices are managed and a total of 10943 individual requirements are monitored, which originate from a large number of different authorities involved.

Individual editions can be found quickly

Whether for an audit or a general review, the degree of compliance with a notice is visible at all times in our software with all associated conditions, measures and documents through reports. You can see at a glance which notices have already been processed or which require a higher priority for timely compliance.

The production facilities are linked to notifications and conditions

When the system is called up, you can see which notifications and conditions relate to it. This function can also be integrated into the asset logbook.

Synoset with notice and condition management

  • Status of all notifications and conditions at a glance
  • Attachment of documents, links and comments to operating objects (“Digital Twin”)
  • Mapping of all inspection processes (single inspections, cycles, random samples)
  • Routing of activities to be carried out via tasks, checklists or tickets.
  • Checking and documenting compliance with important conditions using checklists
  • Integration of service providers where external support is required for inspections.
  • Audit-proof storage of all information with versioning

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