Software for the food industry

In the food industry, no two recipes are alike. And yet all successful food productions in the future will have one main ingredient in common for their success: Data. The high market dynamics under which the industry must operate make the topic of agility a decisive success factor.

In this context, the industry faces major challenges that cannot be overcome without software solutions. Increasing OEE is undoubtedly one of the most important challenges for the food industry. This will be achieved through more effectiveness and efficiency in production. And pioneers will be those who can raise their production to the level of maximum efficiency – which is only possible with the use of intelligent technological solutions.

EdgeOne: MES, Quality Management and Supplier Management grow together

Sales planning, long-term planning, distribution planning, ERP, production planning, MES and LIMS are classic applications that support all aspects of production and on-time delivery to various functional silos.

By converging individual applications of the sub-processes in a software platform and interlocking them analytically and design-specifically, your production becomes a smart factory. The modular structure of our PaaS EdgeOne additionally enables you to digitalise production processes according to need and priority – without generating data silos.

We offer software solutions for integrated digitalisation for your production in perfect flow – based on the latest technological architecture. Learn more about our product portfolio for F&B production and stay ahead of the competition!

Advantages of our software solutions for the food industry

Future-oriented digitalisation approach thanks to state-of-the-art technology architecture

Simultaneous material, capacity and
Personnel planning - also for laboratory processes

Complete tracking of your flow and use of products

Intuitive use and availability on various end devices

Management of your entire supply chain in real time

Integrated quality management - compliant with industry standards (ISO 22000, FSMA, HARPC, HACCP, GFSI)

Reliable supply chain planning for the food industry

Complex structures, a multitude of different parameters and rapidly changing production logistics conditions make supply planning particularly challenging for food manufacturers. The versatility of the parameters makes software solutions for planning, supply chain management and scheduling an absolute necessity for sustainable food production.

Germanedge product provider ORSOFT offers you software solutions for every challenge from demand forecasting and procurement planning to detailed planning:

  • Plan and control your global value chain in real time with the “ORSOFT Enterprise Workbench”
  • Create planning scenarios and rely on interactive multi-resource planning for your detailed planning with “ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench”
  • Speed up the preparatory processes of your production with efficient master data management with “ORSOFT Master Data Workflow”
  • Include the laboratories in the consideration of the logistic chain with “ORSOFT LabScheduling”

Take a digital look at your supply chain:

More process efficiency in your food production with Quality Management 4.0

Quality problems lead to a decline in customer satisfaction, reputational damage and high costs.
and high costs – that is no secret. And yet, the term “quality” is given short shrift in many productions. Good quality does not only refer to the taste experience, but touches practically every corner of production. After all, poor planning, errors in product labelling or inadequate equipment management also lead to poorer product quality.

Our solution for your quality management from our Germanedge product provider QDA SOLUTIONS supports you in achieving the high quality standards in the food industry – with a comprehensive view of your quality processes.

From incoming goods to SPC, LIMS, complaints and document management, to measuring and test equipment management, goods receipt, traceability and supplier management: our modular software solution offers you transparent, secure and profitable quality management.

Our comprehensive software offering for the food industry is based on SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA and extends the standard functionalities with industry-specific processes and functions. Resource and tank management, expiry management, cleaning management (including CIP), campaign management, consideration of personnel and other processes can be integrated purely digitally, cloud-supported and completely into your production landscape.

With our software, we support you in complying with upcoming and current quality standards in the food industry (such as ISO 22000, ISO 15174, FSMA, HARPC, HACCP, GFSI, etc.). We ensure rapid implementation of upcoming changes through an agile development process. Our software is already in use at numerous industry leaders and ensures documented and always traceable compliance with all relevant standards.

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