The end of the silos thanks to a MOM Application Suite

Why a MOM platform is a must

Manufacturers are confronted daily with the challenge of meeting the various requirements for efficiency, quality, transparency, and reduced production times – while at the same time not only collecting the volumes of data that arise during the production process, but also being able to make use of them. The shop floor must be connected to the business level to increase production efficiency as well as to convert big data into smart data.

MOM application suites play a central role here. These ecosystems serve as intelligent data hubs and significantly increase production activities. This makes it clear to us that a MOM platform is essential for remaining competitive.

MOM as technical orchestration layer

The benefits of cloud, automation, and IIoT can only be realized if these technologies work together in an orchestrated, collaborative, intelligent way across disciplines. There is also a growing need for seamless communication across these technology layers – from company systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to the automation layer, including equipment, controls, and sensors.

And especially when we think about the potential of big data, the need for a technical orchestration layer is crucial. This layer, which is absolutely necessary for the production sector to realize the entire spectrum of IIoT and the like, is realized by manufacturing operations management (MOM) solutions.

MES and MOM: what’s the difference?

Let’s take another step back. What is the difference between MES and MOM? MES refers to the acquisition and evaluation of production data in real time. This data enables companies to optimize their production activities from preparation through all (preliminary) stages to final production. MES is therefore all about gaining transparency and control over the execution and quality of the manufacturing facility.

The solutions offered by MOM also include MES – but go much further. MOM also includes quality management systems (QMS), advanced planning and scheduling (APS), supply chain planning, resource management and plant maintenance, and manufacturing intelligence. Therefore, MOM is not (only) software for production control, but rather covers complete business processes and the complete management of production processes.

The Smart MOM approach

One of the critical operational aspects in the production hall is the automation, standardization, and centralization of shop floor and quality processes and process data, and this is where MOM platforms come into play.

This type of platform should follow the requirements of service-oriented architecture: a modular, scalable, and flexible solution designed to provide real-time information and services. Gartner refers to these as MOM application suites.

These suites are a collection of applications for managing end-to-end manufacturing processes with the goal of optimizing efficiency. These platforms extend traditional MES beyond the management of production execution and include

  • detailed production planning,
  • resource management (materials, equipment, labor),
  • process and product reliability (quality),
  • and analysis of manufacturing data.


And all this with a special focus on the production process in manufacturing. A Smart MOM approach is also often referred to in this context. Smart MOM solutions and platforms should be adapted to the challenges of industrial customers in such a way that they connect industrial objects, people, and business processes.

The role of data in MOM application suites

In the short term, manufacturing companies should therefore definitely consider the integration of a comprehensive business process solution in the form of a MOM platform, as it represents core technologies for orchestrating information and processes on a neutral level using standardized technology.

MOM platforms can not only translate the data of machines, products, people, and processes in order to transfer relevant information contextually to the other departments of the manufacturing company. They also collect data on every aspect of the production process.

The difficult part, however, is to be able to analyze the data produced accordingly.  Fortunately, MOM application suites understand the production context and interpret events and patterns for consumption by other systems, and can generate intelligent data from big data that can be used in other business solutions and units. Only then is a fully integrated solution with data synchronization and smart data analysis available, enabling the various stakeholders in production to make smarter and faster decisions.

Germanedge’s platform for MES/MOM solutions: EdgeOne

Whether you call it a MOM application suite, a Smart MOM solution, or a uniform MOM & IIoT platform, the idea behind it is the same: it’s about having an ecosystem that can help manufacturers meet the demands for production efficiency, quality, visibility, and reduced production time.

And this all on a platform which is based on open enterprise architecture that is fully scalable and transparently manageable, making it easy to roll out and update applications. In addition, the operating costs are significantly reduced. It should also be possible to create your own applications for the platform and run them on it. This would be rounded off by the combination of smart data and AI to optimize production activities from process planning to final production.

Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) EdgeOne offers all this and much more. In EdgeOne, all offerings from Germanedge partners GEFASOFT, New Solutions, QDA SOLUTIONS, and ORSOFT are seamlessly integrated into a Unified Production Workplace. This offers a wide range and depth of information. In addition, our state-of-the-art user interface and guidance based on our “Inspire” design system makes the use of new platform applications intuitive and highly efficient.

Through the integrated use of various Germanedge solutions, for example GEFASOFT and ORSOFT in combination, your production planning is enriched by real-time data and thus delivers even more realistic results. This makes EdgeOne a true Industry 4.0 platform tailored to the needs of digital production, running the most important MES and MOM applications on it and which delivers not only big data but also smart data.

EdgeOne makes your largely already intelligently linked production world even more efficient, scalable, and transparent, with better expandability, lower costs, and greater future-proofing.

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