The Germanedge advanced quality management solutions at a glance

Industry 4.0 software for your quality management

Germanedge is creating the future of digital production today, unleashing the potential of MOM, IIoT, and Industry 4.0. Advanced quality management is an essential part of this and helps to get production flowing perfectly.

Our quality management solutions focus specifically on quality-relevant processes and data in the production environment in order to identify production and product defects in good time and to sustainably increase production quality.

Our software solution for quality management can be built up in a modular fashion: you only have one infrastructure, regardless of the number of modules used. The integrated software architecture offers interfaces to PLM, CMM, ERP and MES systems.

Our software provides integrated application security through user role definition and management. Active directory support provides seamless integration with existing the active directory, QDA role synchronization with AD groups and users can be managed across the company. Support for PKI cards is guaranteed, as well as the secure encryption of data by the SSL/TSL standard. Security standards, such as password encryption according to the AES-256 standard, are also observed.

Don’t wait for the production of the future to come to you, become part of it! Let’s create the future of digital production together. Find out what role our quality management solutions play in Industry 4.0.


All quality management solutions integrated in a single platform

With its EdgeOne platform, Germanedge offers a platform architecture designed specifically for production. It enables our clients to implement their digital strategy across multiple plants and internationally.

EdgeOne integrates all software products of the Germanedge product providers GEFASOFT, New Solutions, ORSOFT, and QDA SOLUTIONS as well as third party providers in a unified production workplace. It not only offers a great depth of information, but also has a state-of-the-art user interface that makes it easy for the user to operate the software application. Because ultimately, it’s people who will work with the digital production of the future.

Because in the end, it is people who will work with the digital production of the future.

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