Get up to ten percent higher production output through detailed planning

Extension of your SAP solution enables optimized production planning

Large order volumes in a short time? Restricted material supplies? Long set-up times of your machines due to complex product requirements? Complex customer requirements must be met in production planning and production logistics.

As a repeatedly certified SAP partner, we expand your ERP system, such as SAP ERP or S/4HANA, with specialized planning solutions. The ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench adds components such as an interactive planning board, a CTP check, or automated optimization runs to your ERP without the need to introduce additional IT infrastructures or a separate parallel SCM system. This enables you to carry out fully automated detailed planning, in which you only need to intervene for regulatory purposes.

Detailed planning keeps your production perfectly in flow

Everything in perfect flow Harmonizing and optimizing your entire increasingly complex supply chain is a daily challenge that your company has to face. Even small and medium-sized companies now have international supply and logistics chains and are planning their IT infrastructure across various locations. Production planning and production logistics use the MRP II method, which usually requires separate material requirements and capacity planning.

ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench follows the principles of advanced planning and scheduling and offers interactive simultaneous planning of material flows and resource allocations with the possibility of simulation and optimization of planning scenarios. This detailed planning can be supported by our software and self-learning algorithms or partially automated.

By using AI, we not only increase your output, but also create greater satisfaction among employees, who benefit from an additional tool for optimized detailed planning. True to our credo that people must be at the center of digital production, ORSOFT MWB provides more options for detailed planning and frees up time for consulting and optimization.

Capacities, requirements, production lines – these factors are automatically extracted from your ERP system during detailed planning and visualized in dashboards in our software. Upcoming production can be planned interactively and down to the second within the multi-resource simultaneous planning system and is directly linked to the entire stored supply chain – the ATP of the requirements is displayed, as well as conflicts in resource utilization or missing raw materials. Key figure diagrams show planning factors such as set-up or cleaning times and give you and our algorithms leeway for detailed planning and necessary optimization.

The Germanedge product provider ORSOFT offers sophisticated software for detailed planning in the production environment.

All technical information about Germanedge's detailed planning software MWB in the factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for detailed planning

Certified add-ons for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA

Simultaneous material and resource allocation planning

Optimized OEE through resource allocation planning

Capacity and allocation conflict indicators complete reporting for machines or material planning

Visualization of material stock

Industry-specific solutions (tank planning, shelf-life, maintenance planning) available as standard

Our software for production planning and detailed planning also enables to create processes for advanced planning boards, advanced planning & scheduling, and supply chain management. Thanks to our simple sequencing system in clear Gantt charts, individual production orders can be optimally dispatched and passed on to your production.

Numerous application functions for your production planning

This special function package for detailed planning can also be extended with industry-specific packages for campaign planning, levelling & smoothing, or creating missing parts lists. In addition to these production-specific applications, additional model-dependent function packages provide planning functions for laboratory planning in QM, maintenance or project planning, or manufacturing execution. To do this, the planning tool takes the data for raw materials, machines, and semi-finished parts from SAP or other ERP software.

OEE of over 90 percent possible

With the help of sequence formations, the detailed planning system automatically carries out simple sequence optimizations and optimizes capacity planning. This way, the available resources are optimally used. With a few simple clicks, the preliminary product planning for a production series is also taken over and the utilization of your production is optimized – an overall equipment efficiency of over 90 percent can be easily achieved.

Visualizations instead of Excel tables

To help you maintain a constant overview, different types of resources are presented in clearly arranged displays, such as Gantt charts. Material stocks can be marked with quickly identifiable traffic light colors to immediately identify shortages or excess stock. Similarly, the occupancy and capacities of machines are not only displayed, but possible conflicts can be adjusted at the push of a button.

Greater transparency and efficiency in production planning

With our detailed planning solution, you can expect capacity gains of up to ten percent by employing highly efficient and automated production planning. If you want to make your material and capacity planning much more transparent in your SAP system (or another ERP provider) in future in order to make more efficient use of capacities and avoid downtime, then choose a Germanedge solution and integrate our planning software into your infrastructure.

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