How to produce more efficiently thanks to MES

Our MES solutions for higher production efficiency and better production flow

New technologies and the possibilities of digitalization are having a lasting impact on the industry. This is accompanied by one thing above all else: huge amounts of data, which represent both an opportunity and a challenge. The collection and processing of data from production facilities has always been the sovereign task of a manufacturing execution system (MES).

In order to keep up with the dynamics of digitalization and your competition, intelligent networking of all resources and systems, flexibility, and targeted information processing are indispensable.

Efficient production relies on powerful MES software for planning the availability of your machines, resources, and employees, which makes a decisive contribution to increasing your productivity.

MES software, which can be variably used by the monitoring system in highly automated production, enables faster production of a product.

More efficient production thanks to MES

Supplying reliable and timely production data

Recording and visualization of information (downtimes, etc.) in almost real time

Reducing throughput times and downtimes

Increasing availability and utilization of the machines

Improving machine performance

Our Germanedge MES solutions

Our MES solutions from the product provider GEFASOFT (MES Legato Sapient) and the Belgian product provider Objective (Objective MES) are future-proof, cloud-based software solutions. They create a high degree of transparency through real-time data acquisition, which is immediately transferred into clear dashboards and graphical representations. This provides immediate insight that helps you make better decisions – on all devices in the plant environment and even mobile.

Comprehensive MES including MDE, TPM, and dSFM

With GEFASOFT’s MES you find a flexible and scalable MES / control system, which can be used in different ways from the monitoring system in the highly automated production all the way up to complete MES. The MES application offers various building blocks for increasing efficiency in production. The first step in increasing efficiency is to create transparency. By recording machine and operating data (MDE/ BDE), such as system downtimes or process values such as quantities or OEE values, a near-real-time image of the production facility is created. Our MES software also has the following additional core functionalities:

In addition, our MES offers our customers a complete API with which in-house developments can be implemented. Your advantages with our MES:

Early detection of deviations in processes

Faster reaction time in case of process deviations and thus higher machine availability

Early detection of leaks by recording energy consumption

Reduction of energy costs through automatic control of the hall lighting based on break information

Avoidance of system downtimes through usage-oriented, preventive maintenance

Long-term improvement of the production process through integrated workflow management

Integrated MES and WMS software for SMEs

With an MES for the process industry, our software from Objective increases the efficiency of your production – especially for small companies. For example, with the comprehensive tracking and tracing functionalities of Objective MES, you can meet the comprehensive documentation requirements of the food industry and all other highly demanding industrial sectors. Furthermore, this manufacturing execution system is an integral part of the object-oriented software suite “Objective”. This contains a combination of MES and WMS solutions as a complete package for the process and discrete manufacturing industry.

Real-time and just-in-time are already standard, and this with the highest demands on quality and product life. A high degree of transparency and IT-supported quality management are just two of the fundamental aspects of a continuous improvement process (CIP):

  • Open innovation approach
  • Real-time data collection and big & smart data analytics
  • Cloud-based, scalable, and can be used on mobile devices
  • Achieving higher on-time delivery performance in increasingly complex supply chains

MES integrated in the PaaS EdgeOne

Our MES solutions are characterized by a modern and intuitive user interface. They can be used fully integrated with other Germanedge solutions as well as with third-party software and can be incorporated into the EdgeOne platform. The modern software architecture of this PaaS for MES and MOM also enables the visualization of data from third-party systems in our MES environment – because many problems can only be detected and analyzed in the right context. The responsive design is fully accessible via all mobile devices. In addition, both Legato Sapient and Objective MES as an open platform can provide information to other systems.

The data architecture, hosted either in the cloud or on premises, offers medium-sized businesses in particular the opportunity to use technology without having to deal with the IT infrastructure.

A powerful manufacturing execution system gets your manufacturing processes moving. Increase your return on investment by up to four percent with our MES solutions!

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