Software for shift book management

Digital shift books improve documentation and communication

Even on the best production lines, malfunctions or even system failures cannot be completely avoided. It is therefore even more important to document these events accurately and in a time-saving manner for handover to the next shift, but also for external communication with insurance companies, customers or machine manufacturers.

Shift books are thus central communication and documentation tools for production companies and help make shift operations efficient. Nowadays, this requires suitable, reliable software in order to implement the best possible, fully digital communication and data processes in shift operation.

Shift books as part of shop floor management

The focus of shop floor management is on avoiding disruptions in production and the sustainable improvement of processes. Effective shop floor management leads to continuous improvement at all levels of the manufacturing company.

Shift books play a central role in connection with internal and external flow of information. A fully digitalized shift book management system using software optimizes shift operation processes, thus ensuring efficient and reliable communication and ultimately reducing downtime and unplanned disruptions.

Our Germanedge solution for shift book management

Germanedge offers sophisticated software for digital shift books from the product provider New Solutions – suitable for every manufacturing company.

All technical information about Germanedge's shift book software in the factsheet.

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Your advantages at a glance:

High degree of networking through easy-to-integrate standard software, API to SAP PM

Multilingual and thus suitable for international use

Supports adherence to various standards and compliance regulations

Audit-proof archiving of all shift book entries

Shift book solution across plants and companies, independent of industry

“Single point of truth” solution for all layer-related data

Contactless shift transfer

With the cloud-based digital shift book solution, employees and shift supervisors can enter their shift and plant information via desktop or mobile and pass it on to the next shift without physical contact. Smooth handover process without loss of information. Thus, the handover of shifts can be carried out without any physical contact and avoids cross-shift infections.

Digital shift books improve production quality

This is done quickly and uniformly in the Finito digital shift book from New Solutions using ready-made as well as personally configurable text modules for recurring shift events such as electrical faults, occupational accidents, or other incidents in your production facility.

Each process can be time-stamped in free forms and assigned to exactly one asset in your production. In addition, everything is of course stored and saved in an audit-proof way, and output in all standard formats for your reports.

Optimally networked with security

Not only special events can be recorded, but also the performance of your assets. Production data acquisition (PDA) is used for the acquisition and visualization of operational data in the Finito shift book. This can be process data or machine data from various sources.

The Finito digital shift book eliminates the need for handwritten shift logs and ensures that information and instructions are recorded uniformly throughout the company. All information obtained is stored in a central database in an audit-proof manner. This digital shift logging, which is equally suitable for all industries and company sizes, makes handover after a shift much easier, and saves time and frustration. Traceability of the individual report sections is also possible through digital signatures in the shift book.

Clearly arranged shift plans

The foundation for smooth operation naturally also includes employees who know where and when they are needed. The shift book software Finito therefore offers valuable support for personnel assignment and shift planning via an additional module in which you can plan granularly for individual production sites, departments, or organizational levels in your two- or three-shift operation and discuss them as a team. You can also send tasks and instructions to a specific group of people using the Finito software. These can be individuals, multiple people, or entire groups.

Comprehensive rights management and mobile retrieval

All entries can of course also be called up and changed on the go: employees and shift supervisors can use mobile phones or tablets to view rosters and discuss and make possible changes. This way, shift planning runs smoothly – even in times of vacation or crisis.

And the best part is: since everything is done directly in digital form, communication problems are practically impossible and errors are displayed directly by the program, thanks to plausibility checks – the shift planning of tomorrow is thus achieved with maximum planning security and freedom for the employees. Do you also want to optimize your shift books and reach the digital future?

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