Software for the Industrial Manufacturing

Increasing market pressure, ever greater complexity and ever larger amounts of data have made production companies move strongly towards the industrial cloud in recent years. The amount of data available in production has increased enormously in recent years. This results in potential for optimisation – if the data is used correctly.

EdgeOne: End-to-end digitalisation from the shop floor to the individual parts supplier thanks to future-oriented PaaS

Isolated islands of information have the disadvantage that an overarching approach requires investment in all kinds of application interfaces and central reporting solutions. A change in a proprietary system can have an impact on the interaction with other systems. By opting for a PaaS-based approach, all data is accessible, exchangeable and future-proof. What is still considered a brand new approach today will be standard for the smart factory in the next five years.

We offer software solutions for integrated digitalisation for your production in perfect flow – based on the latest technological architecture. Find out more about our platform solution EdgeOne in the following factsheet and get ahead of your competition!

Advantages of our software solutions for automotive production

Future-oriented digitalisation approach thanks to state-of-the-art technology architecture

Simultaneous material, capacity and personnel planning

Complete tracking of your production flow and material usage

Intuitive use and availability on various end devices

Management of your entire supply chain in real time

Your production perfectly in flow with our MES solution

Transparent manufacturing processes reveal performance reserves that lie dormant in your production – and in times of ever-increasing competitive and price pressure, no company can afford to give away potential any more.

Our MES solution Legato Sapient connects all production-relevant systems for uninterrupted data exchange. This leads to continuous transparency in real time, reduces downtimes and losses and thus increases your OEE.

Legato Sapient enables, among other things, the digitalisation of maintenance processes and necessary transparency, efficient execution of maintenance activities, TÜV-compliant documentation and archiving of maintenance activities, seamless tracking & tracing and the exchange of data across system boundaries in terms of vertical data integration. Find out more in our factsheet!

Your perfect workflow thanks to our Connected Worker platform

The factory of the future will be highly networked, strongly visualised, integrative and anticipatory. Work in production will also change accordingly. But as digital as the future may be, the human being must be at the centre as a proactively acting entity. The possibilities of digitalisation should therefore be used in such a way that the production worker can work more efficiently.

With our Connected Worker platform, all use cases from the shop floor are brought together in one solution. Through an intuitive user experience and a uniform user interface, groups can work together collaboratively. There are no time-consuming system breaks between the applications. This leads to a reduction in errors, increases time savings in use and increases staff motivation. Read more about the various possible applications of our software solutions for the Connected Worker in the factsheet!

More process efficiency thanks to Quality Management 4.0

The increasing complexity of production processes, more data availability and rising production speed coupled with ever stricter regulations lead to an enormous challenge in the daily work of the quality manager.

A holistic quality management system supports industrial manufacturing in increasing customer satisfaction while complying with business rules, standards and requirements.

From supplier management and SPC to advance quality planning, complaints management and support for metrology: our software solution supports your quality managers wherever it is needed! Learn more in our factsheet.

Reliable Supply Chain Planning for your Discrete Manufacturing

As one of the most diverse industries, discrete manufacturing is characterised by the multi-stage nature of production, the high degree of personnel within many production stages and the widespread involvement of external contract manufacturers in the logistics chain. This makes integrated planning all the more important.

With our software solutions, this is possible for every branch of discrete manufacturing, from sales forecasting to procurement planning to detailed planning.

Thanks to our many years of experience with our customers, both within and outside the German-speaking market, we will find the optimal solution for the future of your supply chain management, also in order to produce quickly and cost-effectively in the future. Learn more about our solution in the factsheet!

Consolidating the data from your production and processing it accordingly is not just part of a digital strategy that is necessary to be fit for the future. It is your tool for achieving the goal of truly data-driven production without losing sight of people. It is the nucleus of data processing, the linchpin for optimisation processes and empowerment of employees for better decision making. The use of our software solutions does not change the DNA of your production – but it supports it individually to become the maximum efficient future version!

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