The digital shift book

an important step towards efficient production

Better decisions, fewer errors, faster data evaluation, which in turn mean more efficiency

Centralised digital shift book

Compact information always to hand. Your instructions are clear and transparent. All shift operation data is only recorded once.

Pre-determined forms

You don’t just save time; thanks to the pre-prepared forms, there are also fewer input errors.

A central database

Your data is not only tamper-proof, but is also available in the specified format for other applications

A central dashboard

You have the perfect overview of all shifts, therefore you are in a better position to make decisions.

Compliance with ISO-27001 and more

Guaranteed compliance. You can rely on the fact that current regulations are adhered to, thanks to the way everything works.

Authentication and SSO

A water-tight solution. Users only see what they are supposed to see, and access to data is secure.

Standardised interfaces

to third-party solutions such as process control systems or production data acquisition (PDA). For example directly into SAP PM.

Alarm functions

our watchdog sees to it that specifications are complied with, logs any deviations, and raises the alarm if necessary.

Additional modules

Plan your personnel deployment based on qualifications. We call our module Emplovis.

More than a demo

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Digital Factory

Value creation in five minutes: With apps such as the Digital Shift Book, you can achieve rapid success on your way to the Digital Factory. Find out more about our marketplace of opportunities now!

Companies still find it difficult to create value with the Digital Factory: too big, too expensive, too long the introduction time of Industry 4.0 applications, according to experience. With the Digital Shift Book App, on the other hand, quick successes are immediately feasible: better internal communication, more process reliability when recording information, less effort when searching for information, and faster shift handovers. Simply access the app via your browser and start adding value!

Increasing your productivity with the Digital Factory – even today, this can be done much faster than it seems. Instead of carrying out multi-million dollar digitization projects with an unclear outcome, it is worthwhile to go productive immediately with apps that are application-specific and absolutely easy to use. These are equally suitable for large and small companies. 

Concrete use case: shift events and shift handovers

The Digital Shift Book is such an app with an immediate guarantee: With it, you achieve better internal communication right away, achieve more process reliability when recording information, have less effort searching for information and benefit from faster shift handovers. Simply open the app via your browser and get started! 

The Digital Shift Book is a true on-demand application

The Digital Shift Book ensures quick success on your way to the Digital Factory (Industry 4.0). The Shift Book app is a true on-demand application (SaaS), which means it is ready within minutes, easy to use and can be used on all mobile and stationary IT devices. As a cloud-native application, it meets the highest demands of companies of all sizes alike. It was completely redeveloped in 2022 and is based on New Solutions’ Connected Worker platform and more than 20 years of experience with shift book applications. 

Set of basic functions

The Digital Shift Book App focuses on the shift worker who records and processes shift events. The app offers a set of basic functions such as. 

  • Define shift books and record, edit and delete shift events
  • Overview of all shift books and shift events in the dashboard
  • Shift handover and shift reporting, open events are transferred to the next shift
  • Easy search and filtering of shift information

Flexibility in operational processes

Thanks to its cross-platform capability, the Digital Shift Book App adapts excellently to operational processes and circumstances: For example, an employee can briefly enter a shift book entry on his personal mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) during his tour; later, he can complete and finalize it on his PC. The entries are visible in a dashboard for all authorized persons, and they are kept in an audit- and IT-secure manner. The Digital Shift Book thus also functions as a kind of “knowledge database”: you can search for previous entries and evaluate information in a targeted manner to make better and, above all, faster decisions. The more employees use the app, the faster it will develop into a plant- or company-wide shift book by itself and without further effort. 

Marketplace of use cases

With the Digital Shift Book, you run your Digital Factory successfully from the start, adding value, meeting your needs and being expandable at any time. We offer a variety of practical apps for concrete use cases from everyday production. The app spectrum ranges from fire safety checks to complaints management, from asset management to digital rounds reports – all of this combined in a marketplace of (almost) unlimited possibilities.

Edge.One - Common Platform for the Digital Factory

The common basis for all Edge.One apps is Germanedge’s industry-neutral IIoT platform Edge.One for applications in the field of digitalization: Connected Worker, QMS (Quality Management System), MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management), MES (Manufacturing Executing System), APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) and Digital Factory. Edge.One supports private and public cloud environments that embed into your IT landscape on demand. Modern designs in light and dark mode thanks to Inspire-UX/UI framework and user- and role-based dashboard concept enable intuitive use. 

“With the Digital Shift Book, we have developed a simple, practical app that companies can use to improve their value creation within a very short time on their way to the Digital Factory.”

Christoph Schiffer, Director, New Solutions, Burghausen

Top 4 Benefits:

90% less effort in searching for information

50% faster shift handovers

80% more process reliability when collecting information

30% better communication within the company

More than a demo

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