How the calibration of measuring and testing devices can be carried out digitally

Calibration of measuring and testing devices should be carried out regularly as part of internal quality management. Ideally, the process should be initiated from within asset management. At the same time, the tester receives a device-specific, digital checklist that guides them through the calibration process and calculates measurement uncertainties independently and in real time.

Be it through wear and tear, thermal, mechanical or chemical changes. The accuracy of measuring instruments such as industrial and laboratory scales deteriorates over time. They are therefore calibrated regularly. They are therefore checked to see whether and, if so, how far they deviate from the target value. With hundreds or thousands of such assets, in-house ISO calibration is often associated with considerable effort and costs.

Asset Management

The process can be standardized and thus carried out more easily, reliably and transparently if it is triggered directly from the device management (IT Asset Management, ITAM) – as in one of our use cases. This increases product quality and productivity in equal measure because the data collected on the functionality of the measuring and testing devices flows directly back into ITAM and can be used for subsequent processes.

Error-free process

In our use case, employees are supported in calibrating their work equipment by receiving an up-to-date, device-specific digital checklist for each test interval, which guides them through the calibration process. This ensures that the process is error-free and time-saving, and that all relevant information is recorded and immediately available in electronic form. There are no more media breaks in the form of paper.

Complex formulas in the checklist

The accuracy of industrial and laboratory scales is calculated using various mathematical formulas. This results in values such as the standard deviation, the minimum weight, etc. The formulas are stored in the digital checklists so that the employee only has to enter the measured values in the fields provided. The system then calculates the values automatically in real time.

Digital factory calibration certificate

The result of the calibration is the factory calibration certificate, which is then available in digital form in Asset Management. By integrating the signature of the tester and, if necessary, other persons, it can be stored in an audit-proof manner and also forms the basis for any DAkkS calibration.

Your added value

  • End-to-end digitalization of business processes and the implementation of Industry 4.0 initiatives in production and quality management
  • High product quality thanks to the regular inspection of measuring and testing devices as part of quality assurance
  • User-friendliness, as the digital checklist provides even less experienced employees or beginners with a kind of guide through the calibration process
  • Mapping of multi-stage processes in an IT system without media disruptions

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