Cleanliness and food inspections in supermarkets

Cleanliness and food inspections in supermarkets are extremely important, as a lack of cleanliness not only leads to image problems, it also puts customers and employees at risk. To avoid this, inspections are carried out at regular intervals. However, these inspections are often documented on paper, which slows down the process and leads to unnecessary costs.

Our customers rely on our combination of asset, service and checklist management, including reporting options, to carry out all inspections reliably and document them at the same time. The entire inspection process is supported by our electronic checklists. This begins with the creation of recurring inspection tasks, which are automatically escalated via email. It continues with the execution of the inspection and documentation and ends with the creation of further tasks to rectify defects and update reports.

Inspection processes using checklists

Within the checklist, certain fields such as the name of the inspector, date and time of the inspection are automatically set so that time is saved and no incorrect entries are made.

The different areas are then checked and problems can be quickly documented and photos of problems can be taken using simple touch operation. You can provide the inspector with various types of assistance via image overlays.

During inspections, temperature violations at counters, for example, can be stored directly with rules in the checklist. For example, when an entry is made, a further task to check the counter is created directly for the service technician. The technician can then take care of the problem by a certain time, otherwise it is escalated automatically.

Reporting and reviews

By using a digital solution, it is only a small step to turn individual completed inspection reports into clear and comprehensive reports. This helps to quickly understand the correlations between individual inspections and to derive appropriate measures, so that cleanliness and food inspections in supermarkets can be carried out quickly.

Typical evaluations in this context are how many inspections were carried out in a period of time with how many defects were discovered or whether there are particularly frequent anomalies in an area. If, for example, the number of defects increases or stagnates over time, you should adapt your processes. Cross-location evaluations are also possible; if location A uses a different cooling system to location B, the number of associated problems will probably also differ.

Filling out dynamic checklists by touch

User-friendly control of the protocol by touch, directly with dynamic changes in the document and color support. If a problem has occurred, for example, the form expands to include a comment line.

Input options range from simple radio buttons and drop-downs to free text fields and signatures

Documentation of errors with image

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why many of our customers use the option of taking photos directly in the checklist to better document any problems that occur.

  • Simply click on the photo function
  • Possibility to draw directly in the captured image
  • Image is displayed directly in the inspection report

Reporting options

Requirements and recurring duties can be transferred to responsible employees for processing using checklists.

  • Visualization of measurements
  • Display of process limits and exceedances
  • Automatic calculation of trends

Various types of visualization

Here, for example, is a bar chart showing how many inspections were carried out by location and how many of them were deemed to have been passed. This gives you a quick insight into how the locations compare with each other and allows you to identify differences.

Cross-location reports

Here, for example, is an evaluation of the microbiological findings. Which areas show problems particularly often across locations? Where does it make sense to think about cross-site measures?

Search for inspections already carried out

A wide range of search options to find individual inspections carried out, for example in a specific period, by a specific inspector, even a direct search for entered answers is possible.

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Christoph Schiffer
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