Managing large-scale plants for renewable energy projects

Oil and gas are more expensive than they have been for a long time. Alternative energy sources are benefiting from this. Not only companies, but also numerous countries and local authorities are trying to cover at least part of their electricity requirements with wind and/or solar energy. Wind and solar parks are currently springing up like mushrooms. For their investment to pay off, the administrative costs must be manageable from the outset. Maintenance work must also be carried out quickly, safely and efficiently. In both cases, web-based asset management and checklist tools can help.

From the outset, operators of wind or solar parks have to deal with a large number of technical assets spread over large areas. Whether turbines or solar modules – all components of the green infrastructure must be recorded, documented, invoiced and serviced at regular intervals from the day they are purchased to the day they are decommissioned. The associated “paperwork” in the form of purchase and rental contracts, maintenance and warranty periods, inspection logs and service requests is time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone, and information often has to be transferred and archived by hand.

Advantages: Asset management and checklist tools

Minimize administrative effort

With an asset management system, the green infrastructure can be managed much more efficiently – including the services required for operation. All data relating to technical assets, faults and service requests is stored centrally in such a system, yet employees can maintain it locally and use it worldwide. Plausibility checks ensure uniform and correct data collection. The integration of barcode or RFID scanners further simplifies the recording of asset inventories. All purchase, rental, maintenance or service level contracts are also stored in the system as electronic documents and are therefore available at all times. Access to the data is restricted by a sophisticated authorization concept.

Active resubmission

Asset Management stores when a device/system was purchased or rented, what is specified in the warranty periods and service level agreements agreed with the supplier and when the next scheduled inspection and maintenance interval is due. Thanks to active resubmission, park operators never miss a deadline and are always on the safe side when it comes to legal requirements or deadlines. The system even automatically indicates possible notice periods.

Complex maintenance process

The maintenance process itself is supported by customizable, digital checklists and workflows. This begins with the registration of a maintenance activity at the control center, includes all inspections and extends to the subsequent deregistration. All inspection points are stored in an audit-proof manner. Points that are marked as “not OK” can be documented on site with a photo and then used as a ticket. The list of defects and inspection report are sent by e-mail.

The problem-solving process is also documented using digital checklists, creating a history of problems that have occurred and how they were resolved. It is also possible to see at any time which defects still exist in which turbines or solar modules. Changes can be made to the inspection log without any programming knowledge.

Your added value

  • Workflow functionality: Electronic workflows, tasks and process steps are provided with deadlines, response times are monitored and deputization is regulated
  • Customizable and expandable: Modular system, basic functionality can be easily expanded and adapted to individual requirements
  • Greater transparency: overview of all assets including cost allocation and reporting
  • User-friendly and mobile: intuitive and self-explanatory, optimized for mobile devices, multiple language versions

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