Manage assets and equipment

Maintaining values

Technical devices, be they fire alarms, elevators, notebooks, laboratory equipment, pumps or entire plants and power stations, should not only function smoothly; they must also pay off on the bottom line. In addition, their operation must not violate applicable laws, directives or occupational health and safety and environmental regulations.

Synoset helps with this: the software structures, controls and enables the monitoring of all asset-related activities. A cost-benefit analysis of the assets is possible down to device level. The software provides a database that helps you to identify potential risks at an early stage so that you can take targeted countermeasures, allowing you to manage assets and equipment simply and efficiently.

Industry Asset Management
Mobile access at any time


Hierarchical recording of objects/devices of all kinds. Optionally with manufacturer, type, serial number, location, etc.

Contract management

Recording of contracts with suppliers. Terms etc.



For warranty and maintenance periods, contract terminations, monitoring


Overview - My account

Personal account statement with assigned assets and services.

Business data

Owner, customer, holder, department, account assignment, contract numbers, etc.

Cost allocation

Source-related cost allocation in group structures.


Revision security

Logging of changes in accordance with FDA 21 CFR 11, ISO 22000, etc.


Flexible processes

Paperless processing through the use of digital workflows. Electronic storage of documents and checklists.

Fast processes

Use of barcode & RFID scanners for data capture or asset identification

Deadlines at a glance

Synoset stores when a device/system was purchased or rented, which warranty periods and service levels (SLA) have been agreed with the supplier and when the next scheduled inspection and maintenance interval is due. Thanks to active resubmissions, you never miss a deadline and are always on the safe side when it comes to legal requirements or deadlines.

Internal and external cost allocation

Synoset supports you in defining and invoicing technical services – regardless of whether they are provided for internal or external customers.

Cost-benefit analysis

Would you like to know whether the operation of a device or system is worthwhile? Synoset’s “Asset Explorer” provides you with a detailed overview of your assets and operating costs, broken down by user, department, system or location.

Efficient, paperless workflows

With Synoset, digital documents and information can be assigned precisely to the departments that need to process them within the scope of operational processes.

The system maps workflows electronically and assigns deadlines to tasks and process steps so that you can monitor response times. It is also possible to regulate substitutes within the workflows. Synoset thus ensures fast and reliable processes.

Audit-proof documentation and archiving

All data is recorded and archived in an audit-proof manner. Thanks to Synoset’s close integration with common document management systems, changes are updated on an ongoing basis. The system supports you in complying with relevant industry norms and standards such as FDA CFR, ISO and ITIL, etc.

On all devices in all languages

Regardless of whether your IT infrastructure consists of Windows computers, Apple devices or smartphones with Android, Synoset can be used on all platforms. The software already supports a large number of languages. In addition to German and English and many European languages, Chinese, for example, is also available as a language package. Practically any language is possible on request.

Very easy to use

Synoset is optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Operation at the swipe of a finger via self-explanatory icons. The graphical user guidance makes Synoset intuitive to use, even for semi-skilled or less tech-savvy users.

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Christoph Schiffer
Sales Team Germanedge

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