Management and maintenance using the example of wind farms

The management of wind farms is very complex. On the one hand, there is the complete asset maintenance with master data management, parcel management, contract management with terms, deadlines and different shareholdings. On the other hand, there is the maintenance process for each individual wind turbine with defects and their rectification. In many places, this is still documented on paper, which ensures neither audit-proof archiving nor efficient forwarding of information.

Management of all asset information

A wide variety of information must be managed for a wind turbine:

  • Information on the wind turbine such as company data, contact details of the manufacturer, shareholders, manuals, parts, maintenance cycles, location
  • Information on the plot of land on which the wind turbine is located, dimensions and location, owner and lease agreements, sometimes with the involvement of different people
  • Contracts for the use of the wind turbine with contractual partners and deadlines

Everything is documented in our software and if input options are missing, either the customer or we can add fields.

When a contract expires, for example, our software automatically reminds you by e-mail.

Complex maintenance process

We can support you throughout the entire maintenance process with our customizable forms and workflows. This starts with the registration at the control center with signature directly in the document, continues with all inspections at the wind turbine and ends with the subsequent logout at the control center. In addition, all inspection points are stored in our solution in an audit-proof manner. If certain points are marked as being out of order, a photo of the problem can be taken directly on site. The problem is then used as a ticket in our system or, for example, an email with a list of defects is sent. The problem-solving process is also documented using checklists so that you always have a history of problems that have occurred and how they were resolved. In addition, it is always possible to see which defects still exist in which wind turbines.

A particularly practical feature for our customers is that many changes to the inspection report can be made without any programming knowledge using our simple drag-and-drop Checkware Designer.

Management of wind farms:

Asset information on individual wind turbines

A wide variety of information is maintained, so the mask can be restricted or expanded at any time.

Inspection report with general information

Certain information can be preloaded from the asset mask or filled in automatically when connected to the Internet, such as the name of the inspector by the user name.

Processing of all points

Dynamic expansion of the checklist depending on whether items are OK or not:

  • Use of mandatory fields
  • Display of information via pop-up
  • Possibility to take pictures directly in the checklist

Clear list of defects

All documented defects can be clearly displayed at the end of the checklist, and the documented photos can also be displayed here.

  • Processing via “app”, even offline
  • Forwarding of defects, e.g. by email or as an additional task in our system
  • Storage of the inspection report directly on the asset

Synoset with notification and requirement management

  • Status of all conditions and notifications at a glance
  • Attachment of documents, links and comments to operating objects (“Digital Twin”)
  • Mapping of all inspection processes, i.e. single inspections, cycles and random samples
  • Derivation of activities to be carried out via tasks, checklists or tickets
  • Verification and documentation of compliance with important requirements
  • Integration of service providers if external support is required for inspections
  • Audit-proof storage of all information with versioning

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