Efficient shift and personnel scheduling for industry

It is said that it is easier to look after a bag of fleas than to create a shift plan that makes everyone happy. Especially as, in addition to the wishes of the employees, there are also many legal requirements and special regulations regarding shift systems, working hours, vacation, sickness and overtime to consider. Efficient shift and personnel scheduling for industry ensures that shift staffing matches the planned workload as closely as possible and leads to the desired production result – with the greatest possible flexibility for employees. Ideally, the solution is even part of the Connected Worker platform.

Many hands tug at a shift planner: employees need a day off, want to swap shifts, work part-time or decide whether they want to be paid overtime. Shift and operations managers want to have an optimal, appropriately qualified shift roster based on the amount of work that needs to be done. The HR department keeps an eye on working hours and legal requirements, and financial accounting needs to know how much pay it needs to pay out.

Personnel scheduling in five-shift operation

Anyone who wants to stay relaxed here uses the Emplovis IT system – similar to a power plant in NRW. In the five-shift operation there, around 40 employees generate process steam and electricity for around 12,000 employees 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The shift supervisors create shift schedules at the touch of a button, carry out personnel deployment planning for the shift groups and record absences and overtime with a variety of different absence and overtime types with just a few clicks. In addition, authorized persons can see at a glance who has worked when and for how long and who can still be assigned – based on the existing qualifications and the requirements of the workplace. The system also informs employees when their qualifications expire and need to be retrained.

Minimizing errors in planning

Emplovis is fundamentally flexible and adapts to customer requirements. Color-coded layouts and self-explanatory pictograms support the use of the system so that even less IT-savvy employees can quickly get to grips with it. Interfaces, for example to IT and HR systems such as SAP, enable the automated forwarding of data on worklists, technical workstations or wage information.

Freely selectable views

The shift and personnel deployment planner allows you to see at a glance which employee is assigned to which shift: Views can be defined via a dashboard so that they correspond to the personal preferences of the viewer. Shifts, vacations, absences and absences are color-coded. Using filters such as period, organizational unit, employee, team, absence, weekly, monthly and annual evaluations (balance overviews) can be created for each employee or shift and printed out if required. The number of employees present and absent per day and line is visible via a grouping to check the required number of receipts.

Access for you from anywhere

The solution can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser, so employees can view their personal shift plan from home and are also informed of last-minute changes, for example if a colleague falls ill. Changes that affect an employee can also be sent to them automatically by e-mail so that they do not always have to actively check.

Just one arrow or a whole quiver?

The power plant operations team records around 15,000 shift events per year in digital operating logs, some of which are forwarded to maintenance as repair reports via SAP. The shift personnel always have an overview of all relevant shift events on a display board in the control room. Recurring processes are supported with digital checklists. This provides shift workers with an optimized display of data.

In addition to Emplovis, the power plant also uses other applications from the Connected Worker platform, including Finito 4 and Checkware. The platform creates a whole marketplace of possibilities for companies to achieve better internal communication, more process reliability when recording information, less effort when searching for information and faster shift handovers. Find out more, we will be happy to advise you!

Shift and personnel scheduling: Your added value

  • More flexibility, regardless of the shift plan model, all shift types, shift patterns and shift groups.
  • Fewer errors. Support for shift planning, for example through field notes, comparison with legal rules defined in the background, vacation days already taken, etc.
  • Time saving. with regard to intuitive management, in combination with the shift book all data is immediately available at a glance
    Fewer organizational problems and costs due to incorrect planning
  • Web-based access. Can be used from anywhere via web application, alternatively data can be sent directly as a PDF and can therefore always be viewed
  • Qualifications and skills. Automatic check of whether an employee is allowed to work at a workplace based on their qualifications

Use case: Staff scheduling for a 7×24 power plant operation with shift documentation and digital checklists

Henkel, Philipp Poetzsch, HSI Industrial Solutions – Utilities Steam and Power Generation

The power plant operation of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA at the Düsseldorf site is a VKW operation in 24/7 mode. Shift schedules, personnel deployment planning, the recording of absences and overtime with a large number of different absence and overtime types are mapped in the Emplovis personnel module. The operations team also records important shift events in digital shift logs and thus always has an overview of all relevant shift events on a display board in the control center. Recurring processes are supported with digital checklists. This provides shift workers with an environment that is optimized for their specific needs.

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