Supply chain convergence connects all processes and data

Put an end to functional silos

The optimization of the supply chain quickly becomes a never-ending task. If you optimize logistics, bottlenecks may arise in purchasing. If you speed up production, the sales department can’t keep up. This is because the overall process is rarely considered. The supply chain is long and almost all departments in a company are jointly responsible for successful implementation. In this case, the magic words for a transparent and uniform solution are supply chain convergence.

Optimized supply chain thanks to convergence

planning, production, sales, logistics, and finance and provides all process steps to map these in a single software process. All data sources from the departments involved, some of them also from suppliers, vendors, and distribution partners, are integrated to create a coherent overall picture – and at the same time make it possible to optimize and merge all steps of the supply chain.
The advantages of supply chain convergence are both appropriate and important for many sectors of industrial manufacturing:

The end of silos in the supply chain thanks to integration

Supply chain convergence: the destroyer of information and organization silos. Where individual parts of the company used to influence the supply chain, a company-wide approach is now being created through integration. The consolidation of information and data from the different parts of the company as well as from suppliers, part producers, and customers makes for a silo-free supply chain process.

New customer requirements, e.g. in logistics, are then not only implemented in logistics – all departments adapt to the changes and thus jointly work towards achieving greater customer satisfaction.

Identification of interdependencies in the overall process through data streams

Knowledge and data transfer already poses a great challenge in companies today. If several locations in different countries and various partners are involved, integration and process management can quickly reach their limits.

Here it is important to create consistent data streams that bundle and process important information from different sources and control it in a user-oriented way. These data streams can be processed in a targeted manner with the help of algorithms. Predictive tools then also help to predict data for the future in order to use supply chain convergence not only to provide an up-to-date view, but also to help the company’s ongoing development. Bottlenecks, surprises in the process, and positive multipliers are made visible company-wide for the first time.

Process reliability even in disruptive times through holistics

Supply chain convergence creates a holistic overview of all related topics and areas. This puts the employees as well as the customer benefit at the center of attention. Used correctly, supply chain convergence enables a 360° view of the company with a focus on the customer. All parts of the company then work hand in hand to ensure customer success.

Processes are digitally mapped, thereby making them visible and comprehensible. They are kept up to date and can be adapted quickly if changes occur in the market or with the customer.

EdgeOne tears down silos in the supply chain

Our MES / MOM platform EdgeOne provides support precisely when it comes to merging and orchestrating all areas of the supply chain – be it supply planning or supply chain execution. EdgeOne creates a holistic view of the company.

Networked apps across different areas and functions of the supply chain facilitate collaboration with internal and external partners. This makes EdgeOne the central tool for supply chain convergence: the consolidation of all customer, supply, production, and logistics data in the company into a qualified data set that forms the basis for all optimizations and adjustments and is also supplemented by analytics components.

All EdgeOne users have role-based access to the entire supply chain, putting customer benefit first – and doing so every day. This is how EdgeOne tears down silos of all kinds and ensures lasting customer success!

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