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The fast pace of technology, ever shorter production cycles and high global competitive pressure require strategic pioneering thinking from automotive production: only the pioneers make it to the top of the market.

The amount of data available in production has increased enormously in recent years. This results in potential for optimisation – if the data is used correctly. This means moving away from silo-like structures towards integrated data management, linked with data democratisation and intelligent analysis methods.

EdgeOne: End-to-end digitalisation from the shop floor to the individual parts supplier thanks to future-oriented PaaS

The fast pace of technology requires strategic pioneering thinking. The key benefit of PaaS is to enable a unified approach to building new enterprise-wide business solutions. Instead of bringing applications to the cloud separately, each with its own IT backbone, PaaS provides a solid common backbone for all applications.

We offer software solutions for integrated digitalisation for your production in perfect flow – based on the latest technological architecture. Learn more about our product portfolio for automotive production in the following factsheet and get ahead of your competition!

Advantages of our software solutions for automotive production

Future-oriented digitalisation approach thanks to state-of-the-art technology architecture

Simultaneous material, capacity and personnel planning

Complete tracking of your production flow and material usage

Intuitive use and availability on various end devices

Management of your entire supply chain in real time

Your automotive production perfectly in flow with our MES solution

As one of the core pillars of the global economy and daily life, OEMs and their suppliers are particularly on the radar of politics and end customers. The result: high market and digitalisation pressure.

In order to cope with the demands of climate change, e-mobility, technological advancement and increasing regulation, decision-makers in the automotive industry cannot avoid constantly putting their production strategy and processes to the test. At the same time, business value must be created in order to remain competitive in the price and positioning war on the market. This can only be achieved with the use of intelligent software support.

Automotive production can no longer afford unexpected downtimes and a lack of transparency. Our MES solution Legato Sapient connects all production-relevant systems for uninterrupted data exchange. This leads to continuous transparency in real time, reduces downtimes and losses and thus increases your OEE.

Your advantages when using our MES software

Increasing efficiency through key figures and CIP

Significant reduction in project planning costs and costs for hardware & middleware

Ensuring high product quality through real-time transparency throughout the entire production process

Vertical and horizontal data integration – Bidirectional data exchange

Avoiding over- and under-maintenance by monitoring online data

Optimal coordination and archiving of maintenance activities

More process efficiency in your automotive production with Quality Management 4.0

Increasing vehicle variance is a paradigm shift for a production economy that for years focused on high production numbers.

If there is no possibility of integrated data exchange, your quality manager has to find the corresponding characteristics for each variant himself and build an inspection plan. Important information is often contained in different systems. The search for information then becomes particularly tedious.

Our holistic quality management system helps you to increase customer satisfaction while complying with business rules, standards and requirements. The consistent application of a quality management solution avoids cost-intensive callbacks and supports you in the collection and processing of even very large amounts of data.

Your advantages when using our quality management software

Significant reduction of inspection costs through dynamic inspection planning

Ensuring compliance with internal, industry and customer-specific standards

Linking product, process and quality documents

Integration of suppliers into the quality process through web portals

Reduction of personnel expenses

Automatic reporting and notifications

Reliable supply chain planning for your automotive production

The supply chains of automotive production are characterised by enormous complexity and increasingly strong dependencies. This leads to a correspondingly greater need for communication between OEMs and suppliers.

Complex structures, a multitude of different parameters and rapidly changing production logistics conditions characterise the everyday production of automotive suppliers. This aspect, coupled with industry-specific challenges such as the optimal use of production resources, strong dependence on available personnel and customers ordering at increasingly short notice, make end-to-end supply chain planning for automotive suppliers a necessity. With our software solutions, this is possible from sales forecasting to procurement planning to detailed planning.

Thanks to the many years of experience with automotive suppliers, we will find the optimal solution for the future of your supply chain management, also in order to produce quickly and cost-effectively in the future.

Your business value when using our supply planning software

Reduction of cost-intensive additional shifts by 20-50%

Improvement of the efficiency of operational planning and IT support by 20-80%

Improvement of the efficiency of the inspection staff by 10-30%

Reduction of set-up times by 10-50%

Improvement of OTIF by 5-10%

Reduction of raw material costs by 2-5%

The future begins tomorrow. And the challenges it will bring for you as an automotive producer are already emerging today.

With your Smart Factory variant, you can not only remain competitive in terms of innovation pressure and profitability, but also take into account the emerging changes in the market right from the start. With our software solutions, we offer you support for your supply chain, quality management and even the shop floor. Don’t wait for the future to catch up with you – shape it yourself!

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