Acting instead of reacting, thanks to the cloud

Master complexity with ease, using cloud-based production

These days, the need for cloud computing in industrial manufacturing is no longer in doubt. The only relevant question is which solution is right for you. If you are currently still considering an on-premises solution or a private cloud, you could quickly be overtaken by their competitors, since the advantages of cloud computing in production are evident.

The tension between shorter time-to-market cycles, more complex supply chains, high quality requirements and the control of these by production staff can no longer be managed with previous solutions. Cloud solutions for manufacturing operations promise not only increased scalability and agility, but also process optimization and increased transparency across different locations and plants.

The future of production speaks cloud

The production of the future is therefore inevitably characterized by cloud solutions. The goal of cloud-based production is to provide each employee with exactly the production-relevant data that is required for the respective work task. The same applies to suppliers and customers. The user interface is thus optimized and tailored to the user, since this is the only way to solve the growing requirements. The user is therefore the focus of software and hardware. To guarantee this to the best possible extent, production requires the performance of cloud computing.

The basis for IoT, Smart Factories, & Co.

The progress and deployment of cloud computing currently varies by industry, use case and production company. Especially in the manufacturing operations areas of quality management and asset performance management (APM), as well as for data analysis and related dashboards, a large number of cloud solutions are already in use.

The more production becomes digitized, the more cloud computing will become a focus. Especially with emerging trends such as the Smart Factory, IoT, digital supply chains, etc., cloud computing has become both a formative and inevitable part of the production world. Only with it can the future of digital production move forward and manufacturing companies become competitive immediately.

The following advantages of cloud-based production are both appropriate and important for many industrial manufacturing companies:

Mastering the complexity of modern production environments through connectivity

Production data is needed everywhere today. Employees, suppliers, customers – all need real-time or close to real-time access to information to make company decisions. Classic solutions outside the cloud cannot provide this kind of connectivity. Whether on-site in the production facility, in the office or at the airport, access to data relevant to production and the supply chain is secure at all times.

Make fast, evidence-based decisions by being up-to-date

The orchestration of diverse IT systems, software, and hardware with differing versions at any one time is currently part of everyday life in industrial production. The costs of IT maintenance are higher than the actual benefit that should be generated by visibility of the production data. Cloud-based solutions will put an end to this situation and create transparency and uniformity of operation in addition to performance, so that everyone is looking at the same data record at all times.

Data security through a single source of truth

The central goal of state-of-the-art production is…

…the reduction of data silos

…the elimination of superfluous tools

…the overall integration of production software

…and the avoidance of unnecessary manual data entry by employees

Cloud computing in production results in high-performance, transparent synchronization of all relevant data, which can then be displayed according to user roles. This allows customer-specific requirements to be selected easily from a previous order after logging in. The entire production process, from planning and ordering to production and delivery, can thus be monitored in a single solution.

The EdgeOne cloud-based platform

The entire production process in one interface for all employees in real-time: that is our offer. All relevant data across the entire product lifecycle is output in our cloud-based platform EdgeOne in a user-friendly, user-optimized, and highly transparent role-based manner, so that every employee can capture all the data they need at a glance, on any end device and from any location.

EdgeOne is a PaaS solution for MES and MOM. This MOM application suite serves as an intelligent data hub and significantly increases production activities. In EdgeOne, all offerings from Germanedge partners GEFASOFT, New Solutions, QDA SOLUTIONS, and ORSOFT are integrated into a Unified Production Workplace. Third-party solutions can also be connected. This avoids media discontinuity and the creation of data silos by using different tools in production, and it is precisely because of this that an extremely large width and depth of information is achieved.

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