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Integrated product quality planning supports continuous improvement in the production process

You are sure to have been dealing with the topic of advanced product quality planning, at the latest since the last customer complaint. While mistakes do of course occur in the production process and end products are affected by them, these must of course be prevented as far as possible.

The basis for forward-looking planning to optimize the quality of your products lies in the preparation, analysis, and documentation of the data. With a software-based solution for integrated advanced product quality planning, you gain new levels of reliability in your processes. This allows you to avoid expensive recalls and customer complaints. Your customer satisfaction as well as your reputation as a manufacturer are thereby secured in the long term.

Quick reuse and clear allocation of parts

The challenges in handling production data lie in the preparation of the various sub-processes and data flows. Ideally, an integrated advanced product quality planning solution includes

  • advanced product quality planning (APQP) requirements,
  • process flow diagrams,
  • process failure mode and effect analysis (PFMEA),
  • the production control plan,
  • working instructions,
  • and the production part approval process (PPAP).

The Germanedge product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated software for integrated quality management. With our solution for advanced product quality planning, all geographically distributed and cross-divisional teams can access the relevant quality management systems at any time using suitable IT methods such as a terminal server or Citrix. Error-free automatic updates and interlinked documents ensure compliance with the standards QS 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and VDA.

All technical information on Germanedge's integrated quality planning software in the factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for integrated quality management

Creation of process-controlled quality management procedures

Support of continuous improvements

Integration into data acquisition systems and SPC

Ensuring compliance with internal, industry, and customer-specific standards

Optimal product documentation and more insights

Our integrated quality management software enables easy handling of your production and quality data. This makes it possible to digitally and comprehensively compile reports and processes for your quality management, which would otherwise often have to be created manually for individual processes or steps. This results in transparency and reduced susceptibility to errors, as well as data links in terms of analytics that allow for greater insight and learning.

Using synergies for comprehensive quality management

In addition, Germanedge’s quality management solution streamlines all process flows through the use of families of parts and simultaneously reduces the associated documentation effort. A family of parts consists of a group of components that can be produced with the same or similar machines, tools, machining operations, clamping and/or holding devices. Reusing frequently used data in families of parts saves time and minimizes the need to enter identical data multiple times. The software quickly finds and uses the synergies of an integrated quality management system.

Unified management, simple compliance, simple reporting

The backbone of the quality management solution is always the storage and retrieval of the different documentation in a database:

to meet strict compliance guidelines, all changes to documents and forms are stored temporarily and can be tracked and made available on request. Of course, the solution for equally fast and individual reporting is compatible with all common Microsoft applications and displays the KPIs of your quality planning clearly at the click of a button. The data is also updated automatically – even if it originates from differing business areas.

Save time and resources

Do you want to ensure that the quality of your products is not left to chance and that you have a clear overview of all developments at all times? Our solution for integrated advanced product quality planning revolutionizes the complex process of documentation in product development and helps to save time and resources. It supports communication internally and with customers and simplifies the fulfilment of external requirements.

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