Our software for measurement and test equipment management

Avoid measurement errors in your production facility

Your production needs to have a solid foundation. For this you need data. But what happens if your measuring instruments are set incorrectly? Inadequate calibration can lead to considerable measurement inaccuracies, cause manufacturing errors, result in expensive adjustments of the manufacturing processes, and severely affect your overall product quality.

Save time and money, increase quality

The solution for measurement and test equipment management from QDA SOLUTIONS automatically provides the calibration of your systems and manages the settings in a clear and time-saving manner. To this end, standard templates and individualized templates which are precisely adapted to the processes of your company are prepared, for example – because with increasing production depth and diversification of your target industries, the number of test instruments and procedures grows rapidly.

Integrated measurement and test equipment management

Our measurement and test equipment management solution lets you keep track of every step in the process and brings together a comprehensive list of functions for measuring instruments and tool management in an automated and integrated platform. This not only optimizes time and costs, but also increases your production quality before you even begin with the first production step, as you have significantly lower scrap and rework rates.

Germanedge’s product provider QDA SOLUTIONS offers sophisticated software for measurement and test equipment management.

All technical information about our Measurement and Test Equipment Management solution in the factsheet.

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Our Germanedge solution for measurement and test equipment management

Reduction of production risks as well as scrap and rework quotas

Simple handling of your test equipment, measuring equipment, and tool output management

Optimized calibration intervals

High measurement quality

Increased compliance

Simple traceability of the measuring equipment used

Predictable costs, simple integration, always state-of-the-art

We are meeting the challenge of constantly growing customer and compliance requirements with measurement and test equipment management with a variety of applications and features, such as

  • Unlimited test points per measuring instrument
  • Unlimited issue of traceability markers
  • Real-time calculations that take place during the input process
  • Extensive history tracking
  • Integrated R&R studies
  • Kitting and mastering modules
  • Comprehensive integrated reporting capabilities
  • Event notifications

Due to this multitude of possibilities and ongoing development of the software, your measurement and test equipment management is always kept up to date with requirements and your company always remains a reliable partner for your customers. Our package is topped off with very easy integration into your quality ecosystem: numerous interfaces guarantee fast operational capability and amortization.


Measurement and test equipment management as a fixed part of the quality process

Our solution complies with ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/IEC 17025, and MSA guidelines and is compatible with MIL‐STD‐45662A and ISO 10012‐1 reporting formats. This makes your measurement and test equipment management an irreplaceable part of your quality process. Don’t wait for the next faulty batch, contact us! We will be happy to optimize your First Time Quality with you!

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