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Our digital solutions for plant engineering and industrial production

Product manufacturing and plant engineering are the backbone of almost all branches of industry. Well before production, you have to process planned and manufacturing orders and ensure with the highest precision that your product or system will bring the desired benefits to the customer. Customized production down to batch size 1 of individual parts or complete systems – this is where you come in, regardless of industry. Innovation plus planning excellence combined with highest precision and quality is what distinguishes industrial manufacturing, and we support you in this with our solutions.

Real-time and just-in-time processes are already standard, and this with the highest demands on quality and durability of the products. Beyond that, new challenges are arising.

Master the challenges of industrial production

Digital linking of production planning with the customer

New real-time and just-in-time supply chain processes

Compliance with a wide range of industry standards of both today and tomorrow

Fast reaction time throughout the complete manufacturing process regarding quantities and qualities

Cross-site planning with evaluation and comparison of simulations and scenarios

Integration of employees in digital planning and production processes

We have the answers to these and other developments and are happy to take you through the digital solutions for your specific projects.

What Germanedge has to offer industrial manufacturers

With EdgeOne we provide a fully integrated and micro-service-based architecture platform for all Germanedge solutions and the integration of industry-wide third-party solutions such as SAP, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Our solutions for industrial manufacturing rely on the integration of existing ERP and SCM, e.g. SAP ERP and S/4 HANA. Our enhancements for these platforms are purely digital, cloud-based, and fully integrated in order to accommodate the high diversity and depth of production. In this way we create a transparent overview of the planning and execution of all processes, resources, and conditions in the entire supply chain. From capacity planning and the consideration of the entire control loop (PS and PP coordinated with each other and always in harmony) to reality and evidence-based simulations, our solutions make up a comprehensive package for the entire industrial manufacturing process.

We provide you with a transparent view of all production-relevant data from the entire manufacturing sector. All data can be recorded, controlled, and evaluated in real time to ensure smooth and trouble-free production – this can of course be done remotely at any time.

Transparent + Transparent + Transparent + Transparent + 

Real Time + Real Time + Real Time + Real Time + 

Remote + Remote + Remote + Remote + 

Is sustainable maintenance management important to you? From simple, digital maintenance plans to predictive maintenance, the entire production maintenance chain is mapped in our solutions in a high-performance, stable, and reliable manner. This allows maintenance cycles to be predicted and planned even more accurately, thus reducing downtimes. This also makes new sustainable service offers to your end customers possible, as the maintenance of your products at the customer’s premises can be planned more precisely and with less disruption for the customer.

Our solutions make it easier for you to comply with industry-specific quality standards and implement future requirements. Our software is now being used by many industry leaders, where it ensures documented and at all times traceable compliance with all relevant standards. We can help you to fully integrate your quality management digitally at all stages (e.g. complaints/ non-conformance management, advanced quality planning, supplier management, traceability, etc.) into Germanedge’s entire range, making it transparent and efficient.

We can provide practice-proven comprehensive asset management of all IT and non-IT assets (from desktop, notebook to production tools) for industrial production and the comprehensive and trackable usage of all assets in a single system. With the help of digital solutions (e.g. knowledge databases), we can also ensure that your plant shift books and the depiction of adaptable escalation workflows in relation to incidents are just as clearly laid out.

Production and logistics are the focus of our solutions for industrial manufacturing. Our MES and WMS solutions have been successfully used for years in the production and logistics centers of various companies. Our MES solutions are characterized, among other things, by their holistic approach to production and logistics representation, in which all production steps are clearly depicted and, most importantly, can be easily controlled.

Using our many years of experience in industrial manufacturing and plant engineering, we would like to create and shape the future of production with you.

MES and MOM platform EdgeOne

Machine + Production Efficiency: MES + Warehouse

Advanced Quality Management

Worker Productivity: Shop Floor Management

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

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Dominik Weggler
Sales Team Germanedge

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